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Top executives who left HTC will be replaced by end of month says head of marketing


A couple of top executives within HTC have left the company recently. The marketing head for HTC is now saying that all that left will be replaced by the end of the month. It’s doubtful that replacing them will solve their bigger problems.

HTC has been in a precarious position for a while now. The Samsung juggernaut seems to be slaughtering many in its path and few others have felt the effects quite like the Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer.

HTC has gone from being the top Android smartphone producer to being more of a niche company among mainstream Android users. They have been receiving a lot of praise by the tech media for their latest HTC One and despite solid sales of 5 million in its first month, it didn’t seem to be enough to maintain the status quo within the company as there has been somewhat of an exodus of top executives.


No one can tell why for sure but it isn’t unreasonable to speculate that the company remains in very rough shape. In an interview with the Wallstreet Journal today, HTC’s head of marketing Benjamin Ho said that they were leaving the company for various reasons, including being opposed to some of the changes HTC was making to bounce back.

After explaining that you can’t have everyone agree all the time with actions taken to improve the company, he offered the harsh reality of the situation. “HTC has to recover its business. We’ve had to make difficult decisions.” Regardless of whether or not these exits have a big impact on the company going forward, it’s clear that things continue to be rough as the company wide implosion continues to blast.

The unfortunate truth is the company has no one to blame but themselves for their misfortunes. Their management decisions leading up to the HTC One were very poor and consisted of releasing as many phones as humanely possible with as many ridiculous names as possible anywhere they could. They took a bit too long to embrace the one flagship model and now they just have to hope that it wasn’t too late.

Source: WSJ Via: The Verge

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