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Top 5 Reasons To Get Intel Core CPUs Now

We start off our Intel Core 2 Duo vs. Intel Core i3 platform comparison with a couple of computation-intensive benchmarks.

Tech ARP x264 HD Benchmark

Tech ARP’s x264 HD Benchmark is a test of how fast the system can encode a short HD 720p video file into x264 format. While videos can be encoded in a single pass, higher quality can be achieved using two passes.


The first pass is the scanning pass.

Over here, we are looking at a performance improvement of about 25% over the previous generation platform.


The second pass, is the actual encoding process.

During the actual encoding process, the Core i3 platform pulls even further ahead – by about 35%.



WinRAR is a commonly used file compression and packing tool. What, you mean you don’t use it? Today we will be using its internal benchmark and hardware test to compare performance of the RAR compression algorithm between platforms.


The Core i3 platform returns a compression speed of 1845KB/sec, a good 45% faster than the previous generation platform.


Lavalys EVEREST 5.50

Lavalys EVEREST is a popular system information tool. EVEREST’s Cache and Memory Benchmark tests memory read bandwidth, memory write bandwidth, memory copy bandwidth and memory latency.


Memory bandwidth is greatly improved on the Core i3 platform.


Microsoft Windows 7 Boot and Shut Down

We test how long it takes to boot and shut down Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.

The Core i3 platform is ready 4 seconds faster than the previous generation Core 2 Duo platform; not a very big difference, but definitely a nice-to-have.


With architectural enhancements and Hyper-Threading Technology, the Intel Core i3 platform is markedly faster than the Intel Core 2 Duo platform in every test.


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