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Tizen 2.1 based Samsung Melius and Redwood to arrive in Q3 2013

Samsung's long awaited Tizen OS based smartphones are finally coming, Q3 this year.

It is no big secret that Samsung is working really hard on their upcoming Tizen platform after officially stopping development for their not-so-great Bada platform. Tizen is an operating system under development by Intel and Samsung. Their alliance was formed after MeeGo OS was dropped by Nokia (Intel was participating in it as well). Based on the Linux kernel and WebKit runtime, Tizen is an upcoming open source OS for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and a wide range of other devices. HTML5 apps run on Tizen without the need of a browser.

Samsung's Lee Young Hee had earlier said that the Tizen devices they are working on will be "the best product equipped with the best specifications". Samsung intends to keep that promise, and the freshly leaked Tizen 2.1 powered Redwood and Melius smartphones are first proof for the same. PhoneArena reports that the Samsung GT-I8805 Redwood and GT-I8800 Melius are high-end and mid-range device, respectively.

Samsung's Redwood flagship Tizen powered smartphone will pack powerful features such as a quad core, an HD (or 1080p) display with screen size between 4.8 to 5.2 inches and a bunch of other high end features. Melius will pack mid range features, probably a dual core and a smaller and lower resolution display aimed at the masses. If any manufacturer can successfully pull of the launch of another new OS (aimed at the high end, instead of Mozilla's approach of attacking the low end market with their Firefox OS), it's Samsung. We really want to see Tizen as a viable alternative to Android OS with the same customizable features and app support as Google's OS. If Tizen were to ship with a Program Compatibility Layer allowing to run Android apps natively, it would really be a big score for Samsung.

Redwood and Melius are expected to arrive Q3 2013. With the Nexus 5, Sony Honami, LG Optimus G2, Motorola X Phone and a bunch of other devices all scheduled for later this year.  The second half of 2013 is shaping up to be really really exciting for mobile consumers.

Source: Tizen & PA

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