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‘Titanfall’ goes gold as Respawn lays the finishing touches

Respawn has officially finalized Titanfall, their magnum opus mech shooter  coming next month.


Titanfall has been the subject for much acclaim over the past few weeks, and for good reason: the stunning mech-infused FPS capitalizes on tried and true methods across the genre and brings an engaging, immersive experience to the table.

The sci-fi elements melded with Halo-esque fragfest action is a welcome addition to the Xbox One’s somewhat lackluster library, and the hulking titanous mechs add in that distinct blend of Mech Warrior chaos.

Now Respawn has revealed that they are officially finished with Titanfall, and celebrate with a Tweet to mark the occasion:

Going “gold” doesn’t reflect the actual sales of the game itself, but instead reflects on the hundreds of hours that went into fabricating the Titanfall and acts as a milestone for the dev team. The announcement is a nod to the gaming community that the title is indeed finished and ready to go, while also commemorating the game’s launch-ready state.

Furthermore the above image is an exact mirror image of the retail versions that will be on store shelves next month, giving Xbox One owners a sort of preview of what’s to come.

As an offer to new Xbox One owners, Microsoft has bundled a Titanfall-themed console that includes a digital copy of Respawn’s mech-shooter for free–keeping the original retail price of $499. Be sure to remember to make room for the game, as its install requirements will be somewhat titanous as well: the game is believed to take up to 40GB of Xbox One memory and up to 48 GB of PC memory.

Titanfall is slated for a release on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One and PC, and for more information be sure to check the game’s official website.

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