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Three most expensive iPad applications cost US$999.99 each


With so many Apple iPad apps on the market, you may be wondering which are the most expensive ones out there. Well, it seems like three apps share the most expensive spot, priced at US$999.99 each. Read on for details.

So what are the three most expensive iPad apps (at US$999.99)? They are BarMax CA and BarMax NY, Intuition Control Solo WolfVision and The Alchemist SMS. The BarMax CA and BarMax NY is the byproduct of a collaboration between Harvard lawyers and iPhone developers. The app comes with two months' worth of lectures to study from, as well as a calendar and task list feature, 1,371 practice MBE questions, and more than 800 flashcards, intended for user to pass his or her bar exam.

The Intuition Control Solo WolfVision is a specific-app designed for users to control WolfVision visualizers using their tablet device. A WolfVision visualizer is a super-high-end projection device analogous to a jacked-up version of an overhead projector, although the visualizer itself can come in the form of a camera, a desktop projector, or a ceiling-mounted design.

The Alchemist SMS, on the other hand, has nothing to do with text messages. It is intended to provide users in the steelmaking and scrap metal recycling industry with the tools needed to achieve reductions in raw material cost. The app also allows purchasers to choose the ideal mix of recycled metals for use in electric furnaces, foundries, and other environments.

Source: PC Magazine

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