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This XOOM will have no ‘Blur’

Seems like consumers who desire a true ‘stock’ installation of Android on a slate PC device can heave a sigh of relief now that Motorola has finally made public its official stance on customized first-party ROMs. In response to a query made by Android.PandaApp, the company has confirmed that its upcoming XOOM tablet will not be preloaded with the heavily-criticized Motoblur user interface and social networking feature.

While HTC may be keen on dropping the stock Andoird user interface in favor of its supposed HTC Sensation UI that we have spoken about earlier, it appears that at least one other slate PC OEM believes that mobile operating systems work best when bundled with the pure, stock interface provided by the OS developers. After all, an additional software layer undoubtedly drains extra resources from the device, and as far as highly mobile devices are concerned, those are resources which can be used for better performance instead of merely providing eyecandy.

And apparently, it appears that ‘the other OEM’ we have mentioned is also currently working very closely with Google in order to ensure that end-users will have both a visually-appealing and easy-to-use user interface right off the bat without the need to resort to custom skins. This was Motorola’s promise made in response to a query by Android.PandaApp as to whether the company will attempt to differentiate its XOOM tablet by layering its Motoblur user interface and social networking aggregator over the operating system.

According to Android.PandaApp, rumours about the XOOM tablet getting a MotoBlur treatment first surfaced when a Motorola executive was reported to have claimed that the company was planning to ‘force’ the UI down on consumers in the form of a firmware update. To alley user confusion and reaffirm that Motorola is keen on providing a true Google experience with the XOOM, the company has made the following response:

To clarify, Motorola XOOM is a Google Experience Device and the first tablet to incorporate Android 3.0 Honeycomb. As such, Motorola Mobility has worked closely with Google to develop and optimize the Honeycomb OS on XOOM, and has no plans to customize the software with MotoBlur.

Needless to say, this ought to be nothing short of good news for purists who believe that a stock copy of an operating system is always superior to customized builds which feature large amounts of OEM-specific bloatware. Now that Motorola has promised its user base that the company has no intention of mucking around with the XOOM’s user interface, the onus is now on Google to provide a suitable interface that scales well on both smartphones and tablets. Here’s hoping that Google will deliver exactly what most Android users have been waiting for with the Honeycomb release of its mobile OS.

And on a side note, it would be nice if Motorola could soften its stance on custom ROMs produced by independent developers and firmware modders. But that is a discussion for another time.

Source: Android.PandaApp

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