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This week in VR: Humans are getting dumber and the Xbox One isn’t a game console

Much of this week’s news in tech revolved around Microsoft’s unveiling of their next-gen game console, but Microsoft isn’t the center of the universe (it probably wishes it was).  That said, check out what went on this week in case you missed anything!

Did you know that an Assassin’s Creed movie is on the table?  For a lot of gaming franchises, going Hollywood have been detrimental to the game’s image.  We’re not saying that the actors and directors selected for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie will do the franchise a huge disfavor, we’re simply hoping that they’ll do the game justice by staying true to what the games have offered in term of entertainment value.  Check out the Assassin’s Creed movie piece for more details!

Whether or not you believe in mankind in the long run, there’s no denying that our reliance on technology has become ever more so now than it was in the past.  Can technology be causing us to become lazy, which, consequently, leads people to rely less on their brain to tackle life’s problems?  Click here if you’re smart.

The reality of life is that technology makes it possible for us to explore other frontiers, such as space and time.  People are becoming less familiar with the old ways of doing things as the new methods for survival fits current conditions.  In the future, we may rely solely on self-driven vehicles to transport us places, but does that make us dumber beings because we don’t know how to ‘steer’ using a steering wheel?  That’s up for debate, but you can’t downplay this young man’s contribution to self-driven vehicles.  Not only did he give Google the finger, but he proved to us that human beings are worth something after all.

For gamers, this week we found out more about Nvdia’s new GTX 770 and 780.  Are the ice cap melting because of pollution or because everyone is buying up these powerful video cards?  Click here to get the scoops on the new cards.

Tech news wouldn’t be news if it didn’t involve a little Apple.  Many people are hoping that Apple skip the iPhone 5S altogether and jump straight to the 6, but we’re just mere mortals and Apple might not oblige.  Supposed ‘leaks’ of iPhone 5S parts might confirm what we’re hoping not to see.  In other Apple news, U.S. politicians accused Apple of skipping out on $44 billion in taxes.

Speaking for skipping out, it seems like carriers in Europe have decided to suspend the launch of the HTC First (the Facebook phone) ‘indefinitely.’  Click here to find out why.

AMD isn’t the company it once was, but the chip maker is hoping its Temash offering will give the firm a much needed boost in the coming months.

Last, but also most, we have Xbox news.  Do you know everything about the Xbox?  We bet you don’t.  Click here for a summary of the unveiling event, here for the Xbox One vs. PS4 comparison, here for independent developer details, here if you’re planning to sharing your games with friends, here for price prediction, here for backward compatibility details, and here for a summary on Xbox vs PS4 GPUs.

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