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This new 13″ Latitude notebook means serious business

Dell rolls out yet another new toy, except that this time, it’s the business-sy people they are targeting. And it even looks the part as well.

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As far as laptops are concerned, choosing one for use in a business environment is radically different than that for entertainment, school or even outdoor purposes. Of course, technical specifications are still going be relevant: one has to make sure that it contains enough raw power to process your spreadsheets, word documents and presentations without the slightest stutter when multi-tasking between various productivity applications.

But even more important are its looks: chances are that you don’t want to be seen totting a metallic green-coloured laptop when attending a high-profile meeting with various managers or directors. Yep, such is the importance of having the right notebook design for the right occasion.

Like Dell’s new Latitude 13 notebook, which just recently hit the Dell Online Store in the US. Like most business laptops, the specs aren’t much to write home about: you get to choose between a Celeron M or a Core 2 Solo processor to power the notebook, but in return, Dell offers a choice of various operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows Vista, an option to downgrade to Windows XP or even Ubuntu Linux.

But more importantly, Dell also claims on tis website that the Latitude 13 is virtualization ready, a feature which is definitely more suited for businesses than consumers, although it is not stated which virtualization client will be pre-loaded on the Dell.

The Dell Latitude 13 business notebook currently retails at the Dell (US) Online Store at the starting price of US$559 and is currently not available locally yet, so we’ll probably just have to keep our fingers crossed for its availability.

Source: Dell

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