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“Thinkbook” tablets show up in China

Any computing device with the 'Think' branding stamped on it is expected to feature the reliability and robustness in enterprise conditions that users have come to take for granted from a certain OEM, right? Well, here's a piece of advice from us: you might want to hold back those expectations a little just to be on the safe side, especially if the manufacturer of these "Thinkbook" business tablets ever plans to release them outside of its Chinese domestic market.

Keeping track of the large variety of cloned consumer electronics devices churned out by the factories in China can be a very interesting affair. Every once a while, new devices which appear to be superior than the original in either design or hardware specifications (or maybe even both) will magically pop out of the factories' production line, and we all start moaning and groaning about how these superior clones which cost only a fraction of the real deal never make it out of the great walls of China.

And unfortunately for fans of such Chinese clones, it seems that the latest consumer electronic device to leave the factory will be something worth groaning about where its global availability is concerned. Apparently, a new tablet sporting the 'Think' moniker has emerged, and is said to be designed with the business user in mind, just like how the original 'Think'-branded products produced by a certain OEM are.

According to a report by Giz-China, the Thinkbook is a business-centric tablet powered by the Android operating system and will be made available for sale in two different sizes. The smaller of the two features a seven inch screen and uses a Rockchip 2818 CPU for its processing needs, however we cannot help but feel baffled about GizChina's claims that the tablet only features a measly 25MB of RAM. Of course, there is a chance that this could merely be a typo on GizChina's part, and that the tablet will actually come with 256MB of memory instead. The device is also relatively thin, with a height that measures a mere 11.6mm.

On the other hand, little detail has been announced about the larger version of the Thinkbook, although GizChina claims that it will feature a 10-inch screen and will utilize a slightly more powerful processor based off the ARM A8 microarchitecture. Last but definitely not least, both models will be sold in a variety of colour choices, namely white, black, dark red and blue. 

That being said, we should point out that this Thinkbook is not your typical 'Think'-branded device which hails from the likes of Lenovo. Rather, GizChina claims that the manufacturer of the Thinkbook, Tin Chung Digital, has got little to no relations with Lenovo; this means that the 'Think' branding on the tablet is definitely a clear example of unauthorized use, and that the quality and reliability that we have come to expect of the genuine 'Think'-branded devices do not apply to the Thinkbook.

Finally, no details about the Thinkbook's release date and price have been revealed yet: this is because the tablets GizChina were able to play around with were little more than engineering dummies. So do check back for updates, while remembering to curry some favor with a Chinese friend in the hopes that he might be able to ship one over to you.

Source: Giz-China

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