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Some think Bitcoin is an Xbox game

If you’ve never heard of the term ‘Bitcoin’ before, chances are you might think the term refers to an app of some sort.  Others that are completely oblivious about Bitcoin may even think that it’s an Xbox game.


A recent survey has revealed that the majority of Americans don’t know what Bitcoin is.  In total, only about 42% of Americans know that Bitcoin is a virtual currency, while 46% of the people polled were unsure as to what Bitcoin is.  The statistic isn’t surprising to say the least, but what is interesting about the survey is that some people wholeheartedly believe that Bitcoin is actually an Xbox game.

Where would people get the idea that Bitcoin is an Xbox game?  Well, there’s the ‘Bit’ thing, so maybe these people were thinking about of the computer-related bit.  Also the ‘coin’ thing may have thrown people off, as a lot of modern casual games tend to have some sort of in game transactions integrated.  Only about 6% of people surveyed thought Bitcoin was actually a game.

Source: Bloomberg

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