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Thermaltake Tsunami Review

The Tsunami comes in two different colors with an optional window, and of course we’re looking at the black model. The case is made out of aluminum with a very shiny reflective finish on everything but the front panel. Surprisingly, the case itself is very light, weighing only 13.2 pounds.

The front panel is made out of heavy aluminum and is where the majority of the Tsunami’s weight is located. The front panel is also where the Tsunami’s biggest design flaw is: the lack of a non-covered power button. In order to turn the computer on or off, you must open the front panel door to do so.

The lack of an un-hidden power button is nice if your computer is in an area where you think some one would be turning it off without your knowledge, but for most of us, it will just cause an inconvenience.


The back panel of the Tsunami is standard in design, with the only exception being the attached keys that come with the case. There are two sets of keys (with two keys per set). One set will unlock the front panel and the other will unlock the side panel. The side panel lock is a good idea especially if you want to protect your equipment at LAN parties, but the front panel lock is really unnecessary.


The Tsunami’s side panel has a window with an 80mm fan attached to it.

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