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Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1050W PSU Review

Thermaltake supplies the Toughpower Grand in an interesting box with the unit’s major features and output on a golden ribbon; the company obviously uses the same box for all of their Toughpower Grand power supplies and only changes the ribbon. The artwork on the box is minimal and reduced to a picture of the power supply itself.

The Toughpower Grand power supply is very well secured inside the thick box, protected by thick Styrofoam pieces and wrapped inside a black pouch.

A very rich bundle awaits those who will purchase the Toughpower Grand power supply. The bundle consists of a smaller cloth pouch, four high quality cable straps, two anti-vibration rubber stripes, four plastic cable clamps, a metallic black case badge, a warranty card, a good manual, a typical A/C power cable and four long black 3M screws. Take note that you will need to use the included screws in order to install the power supply, normal 3M screws are not long enough!

The modular cables of the power supply can be found inside a nylon protective bag. All of the cables, minus the Molex to floppy power adaptor, are sleeved black and the connectors of the PCIe cables are red.

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