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Thermaltake Overseer RX-I Case Review

The top plastic cover of the case increases the aggressive appearance of the case even further, being littered with ridges and cuts and with the most part of its surface being covered with a metallic mesh. Beneath the metallic mesh a massive 200mm exhaust fan can be found hidden beneath a metallic mesh.

The mesh can be removed, along with the entire top panel plastic cover, by simply pulling it upwards from the rear side of the case. There is a second spot for another exhaust fan and a 120mm, 140mm or 200mm cooling fan can be mounted. Unfortunately this chassis design is not ideal for users who would like to install a two-fan watercooling radiator at the top of their case as the cuts are incompatible for that. A single fan radiator may be installed without any problems under either of the openings, as long as it utilizes a 120mm or larger fan.

The rear of the Overseer RX-I case is all black, as apparently is all of the chassis. The power supply bay has been moved at the bottom of the chassis. Right above it, we can see two round holes covered by rubber grommets for routing watercooling hoses or cables from the inside to the outside of the case and vice versa.

Most of this case’s bottom has been perforated to allow the PSU to draw cool air from the bottom of the case and for the installation of the optional fan. A long dust filter has been placed at the bottom of the case which can be removed by simply pulling it off from the rear of the case. The case has tall feet with anti-skid rubber installed.

The left side panel of the Overseer RX-I case is rather complex, with a strangely shaped sharp small plastic window embracing the 200mm intake fan opening.

There is no fan installed from the factory floor on the left side panel, only a dust filter which needs to be unscrewed in order to be removed for cleaning. An aftermarket 200mm intake fan may be installed if the user desires to do so.

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