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Thermalright Venomous X Review: The Return of the King?

Opening the box, the first thing that caught our eye is that a repetitive pattern of the Thermalright logo has been printed on the underside of the top flap. Well, it does look a bit more ‘upmarket’ compared to the completely plain boxes of the older models. Now in a flat rectangular box, the accessory pack is marked clearly, as opposed to again a plain white box found in previous heatsinks’ packagings.

The accessory pack contains the mounting plate and bracket for Intel platforms – LGA 775, LGA 1156, and LGA 1366. Oops to those on AMD machines, you’ll have to purchase the AMD mounting bracket yourself as it’s not included. Other than the mounting set, you get all the necessary screws, a mini-wrench, 2 sets of fan clips, two sets of anti-vibration rubber strips, and a syringe of Thermalright’s own Chill Factor 2 thermal compound.

As we can see below, the mounting system has been revamped to what Thermalright calls the pressure vault bracket system.

Unlike the original Ultra-120 Extreme X-shaped bracket, which you secure directly to the baseplate, or even the recently revised mounting system which was a H-shape similar to that of Prolimatech’s, this bracket is secured at all four corners to the base plate. And then, you place the heatsink on the processor, before securing it with a final metal plate on its two ends which sits across the heatsink base.


Here, we have the Venomous X lying on its side.

We’re sure some of you would have thought that it looks too similar to the Ultra-120 Extreme. Two areas to look at to identify the heatsink would be the shape of the fins’ edges, and the heatpipe arrangement.


Mirrored bases come in handy for geeks like us who need to check on our hair and faces while we work on our systems, just in case we have some thermal goop on it……

Thermalright has given the Venomous X a mirrored-surface base! The days of dull-looking Thermalright bases with visible machining lines are finally gone.

Remember those usage marks on your current heatsink’s base? They tend to appear at four spots – the places where the edges of the processor’s IHS are. In addition to the ultra-shine finish, Thermalright has made the Venomous X’s base to be slightly convex for better contact with the processor’s heatspreader.

Although these extra touches are small, they are definitely most welcome by enthusiasts looking for every single bit of performance.


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