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Thermalright Venomous X Review: The Return of the King?

Being second isn’t a familiar position for cooling powerhouse Thermalright. They are back with their latest heatsink, the Venomous X. Would this be the return of the king? Or would Prolimatech continue to hold the cooling performance crown it managed to wrench from Thermalright?

About a decade ago, this company appeared with a small block of copper and boy, it performed right up there with the big players back then Swiftech and Alpha. That company is Thermalright, and they have spent much of their time at the #1 spot when it comes to air-cooling performance. For those who have been meddling with hardware long enough, I’m sure you would have remembered the SK-6, SLK-900, SP-94/97, just to name a few of those award-winning units Thermalright produced.

Fast forward to recent times, the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme was the undisputed king of aircooling, until companies such as Thermolab and Prolimatech came along with their tower heatsinks that performed better than the TRUE. Of course, being in second position wasn’t a familiar place for Thermalright, and they did a quick counter-attack by introducing a revised Ultra-120 Extreme with peforated heatsink plates the shape of a small triangle to reduce airflow resistance (known as Rev. C). Performance did improve and results were on par with the latest heatsinks on the market, but now, consumers have the option of choosing between brands. Thermalright was no longer the one-and-only brand when it came to the best performance air cooling products.


Today, sitting in our labs is the Thermalright Venomous X, the successor to the long-time warrior Ultra-120 Extreme. Let’s start on our journey to see if the Venomous X has the metal? mettle? metal? hmm. to take it to the top.

Known for their simple brown boxes (they prefer to let performance do the selling), we were a little surprised that Thermalright would come up with an attractive looking box.


Hmm, no support for AMD? Well, you’ll have to buy the mounting accessory then.

On the bottom of the box, it states that the Venomous X is made in Taiwan. Products still made in Taiwan are becoming pretty rare. For instances, motherboards used to be made in Taiwan, but most of them are now made in China, except for some of the highest end ones.

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