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The Xbox One controller learns from the mistakes of the past (video)

Take an in-depth look at how the Xbox One controller learned and evolved from its little brother: the Xbox 360 controller.

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Tthe folks over at Microsoft answered the prayers of nerds worldwide by releasing a video which shows a comprehensive breakdown of how the Xbox One controller has changed in comparison to the original Xbox 360 controller. So, if you were dying to find out how whether or not the new d-pad makes a clicking sound or not, today’s your lucky day.

Zulfi Alam, Microsoft’s Head of Xbox Accessories, revealed that more than 40 changes were made to the design of the Xbox 360 controller to make the Xbox One gamepad even better than its predecessor. These run the gamut from small details like the height of the d-pad all the way to redesigning the back of the controller to remove the bulge caused by the battery pack.

The original Xbox 360 controller is still considered to be the gold standard of how a controller should be made, so Alam and his team had their work cut out for them from the start. Alam mentions that each design change was rigorously play-tested by gamers to ensure that it was a step up over the status quo and that it enhanced the user experience.

Take a look at the full video below and watch the man himself run you through all the small details.


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