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The Walking Dead will rise in the new 400 Days trailer


Telltale’s The Walking Dead has been an incredible series loved by fans of the series and gamers alike. The next episode in the series, entitled 400 Days has been announced for the Playstation Network, PC, Xbox Live and Playstation Vita, with many more platforms to follow. Telltale unveiled their new trailer for the game at E3 today and here’s what it looks like:

The trailer starts in a dilapidated gas station. Empty fuel pumps and long grass occupy the rural landscape.  A lone girl exits a diner in a small town only to find a man blindfolded, about to be executed by a group of people. A title tells us the game will have “Five Stories”  and we see a flash of friendly and unfriendly faces. It’s all about “One Episode”  as we see a group of prisoners watching a group of prisoners being attacked outside their bus. A lone hitchhiker turns to see an approaching vehicle before cutting to a zombie clawing at someone’s legs. A red-headed girl huddles through a cornfield while torches look for her. Tension and chaos are ratcheted up as we see a timelapse of that original gas station and the music climaxes as we reveal the logo.



Just looking from this preview, the guys at Telltale are definitely all about suspense and fear with their next episode. I can already think of the bone-chilling scenarios their writers will place the characters in and how things could go from bad to worse. The original series was a critical darling and I really hope they pull out all the stops with this episode and whatever they end up doing for Season 2.

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