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The Sims 4 will feature emotional gameplay and more customization

Electronic Arts is at Gamescon in Germany where it is announcing further details about Maxis’ upcoming game, The Sims 4.


The next installment in the life-simulating Sims series, The Sims 4, will feature new technology that allows users to create and control a new generation of Sims, called SmartSim.

Rachel Franklin, who is an executive producer, mentioned that the series has been reinvented and that it will now feature emotional gameplay, which will “effect the mind, body and heart” of players’ Sims, thereby making the game more meaningful. Features like SmartSim makes it faster and easier for users to create homes the way they want, however, facets like the decoration and furniture do tend to affect the emotions and feelings of the Sims.

The Create-a-Sim feature has been redesigned, and users will have more ingrained control over what characteristics and features their Sims will have. Users will also have the ability to sculpt custom faces and physiques on their Sims, and can even customize the way their Sims walk and talk. EA has released a trailer of The Sims 4,  seen below:

The Sims 4 will arrive next year, and will be available on all major platforms.

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