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The PS4 continuously records 15 minutes of gameplay

There has been some confusion as to the length of the PS4’s automatic gameplay recordings. A spokesperson for Sony confirms that the console continuously records your last 15 minutes of play.

Neil Brown, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s R&D division, recently said that the PlayStation 4 uses a dedicated hardware encoder to record the console’s last “several minutes” of gameplay. The data is continuously recorded and subsequently forgotten, but in that “several minute” window, you can press the controller’s share button, which brings up the footage and allows you to edit, crop and then upload it to social media networks via UStream.

Confusion arose when Brown’s comment was miss-heard, leading some reports to suggest the console would record specifically seven minutes of gameplay. A spokesperson has stepped forward and told CVG today that indeed, the console records not seven, but 15 minutes of gameplay. In comparison, the Xbox One records five minutes of gameplay for sharing and can distribute the video to various social media sites via Xbox Live.

We need those 15 minutes or I’d never get my fill of Knack

Ken Lobb revealed the Xbox One’s recording system, internally called Project Upload, over the weekend: “So the idea is that you’re always recording,” he said, “We have a ring buffer game DVR basically, so the last five minutes of any game you’re playing is always being stored locally on your hard drive.”


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