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The next iPhone will be the iPhone 6?

According to a spy shot, Apple's next iPhone will not be the iPhone 5S, but the iPhone 6.

According to a spy shot of a UK mobile operator's till system, the next iPhone would not be the much expected iPhone 5S, but the iPhone 6. This means that Apple might be breaking the norm and pushing straight into a iPhone 6 without releasing the iPhone 5S (An iPhone 5 with a spec bump in the internals).

If true, we will be expecting a significantly different iPhone from Apple with a redesigned iOS 7, and possibly a new body design different from the body of the iPhone 4, 4S and 5. Also, it would complement rumors of Apple starting production of the iPhone 6 in July with a release in the following month. That could also mean that apart from the widely expected rumors of Apple unveiling the "budget iPhone" at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, one can expect an early unveil of the iPhone 6 and iOS7.

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