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The new Iron Man 3 HD trailer is live


The cinematic trailer has just been released by Marvel Studios for Iron Man 3, the highly anticipated sequel to Marvel's superhero blockbusters.

Marvel's iconic playboy billionaire Tony Stark is back for more high-tech action-packed mayhem in Iron Man 3's new official trailer. No more teasers–the newly released trailer is two minutes of Marvel awesomeness, setting a rather grim tone for upcoming sequel. In it, viewers see a new solemn side of Tony Stark as he realizes that carnage always follows in his wake, and wants to protect the one thing he holds dear: Pepper Potts. Stark sheds his cocky and arrogant attitude for a more serious persona, and in the trailer we see that he's plagued by nightmares and seems to be psychologically damaged by the events of the earlier films, especially when he comes to the realization of being a literal magnet to chaos.

The trailer also introduces a new breed of archvillain to the series in the form of Mandarin, a nefarious evildoer straight out of Marvel's comics. Ben Kingsley delivers a stunning performance as the ruthless malefactor, even for the small snippet that we see of him. From his brief monologue and the accompanying footage, Mandarin establishes himself as a calm and quite sadistic character who will go to any lengths to destroy Tony Stark. His motives aren't exactly revealed in the trailer, but perhaps he's motivated by revenge like Ivan Vanko from Iron Man 2, or maybe he just likes to make the world burn. Some men are like that, you know.

One thing's for certain, though: Tony Stark will have to defy the odds to defeat the insidous Mandarin, but he may have to be willing to sacrifice everything, including Pepper or his own life, to save the day this time…

Iron Man 3 explodes onto the big screen on May 3, 2013.

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