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The Hydra power supply, a small but feature-packed hobbyist tool

Power supplies come in all shapes and sizes, but the Hydra power supply from CH Robotics may be one of the most customizable units out there.

For hobbyists who build their own gadgets, the Hydra is something that will come in handy when they need something that will deliver the right voltages to their devices.  There are a lot of power supplies out there that can be used to customize voltages, but the Hydra’s main selling point is that it’s very small.  The size, along with its configurability via USB, Bluetooth (from a smartphone app), and serial connection, makes the Hydra a highly appealing tool for hobbyists and even large scale industrial sectors. 

Users have a wide range of customizability as the Hydra is capable of handling voltages of 5V to 14V, and can push out voltages that range from 3V to 12V via three outputs—all of which are easily configurable via methods mentioned above.

CH Robotics claims that the Hydra is basically a full size bench top power supply, except the Hydra’s small dimension makes its much more versatile in various settings.  Currently, the company is running a Kickstarter campaign to jump start the Hydra’s mass production process.  Pre-order is being processed now with a starting price of $169, and $212 for the Bluetooth-enabled model.  The estimated time frame for delivery is around April.  

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