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The Dash car dongle keeps you informed on your driving

The Dash car dongle allows you to monitor your car's various components while you're out and about, giving you real time information otherwise not accessible

Cars are a lot more high-tech than they seem to be on the surface. The days of gears and pistons are gone; the modern car is a cyborg, and the amount of information you receive is very limited compared to what your car actually knows.

A small team in Boston with a kickstarter project has created the Dash car dongle, which plugs into your car’s diagnostic port and relays information to your phone via Bluetooth. For $69 you’ll get a slew of information, including fuel consumption, a virtual speedometer and tachometer, as well as an indicator for when components on your car have broken down and a map locator if you lose the car.


Is it good to have something to distract you from the road though?


You can upload all of this data to your online Dash account as well, letting you compare your statistics with that of friends and consult them on how to improve certain metrics. And just as icing on the cake, you can record video with a speedometer and tachometer overlay. I know some people who would abuse that a lot.


Unfortunately, the project still hasn’t reached its kickstarter goal: The campaign has reached just $15,000 from its backers and need $750,000 by May 11. If the team succeeds with reaching this goal however, the dongles should begin production in June. Unfortunately, Android users will have to wait, as it’s currently iPhone only.

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