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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 6 April 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • The elusive P67-totting Quantum Force Rattler motherboard from Foxconn has finally be taken out for a review;
  • Techspot performs a short comparison of various entry-level, budget and mainstream-level graphics cards from the likes of both AMD and NVIDIA;
  • Toshiba is reportedly planning to launch a new notebook featuring a glasses-free 3D display sometime in the second half of 2011;
  • Samsung's Prevail smartphone gets a hands-on;
  • AIKA SEA has been confirmed for an April 12 launch, and 
  • Dragon Quest X is reportedly close to completion, and that an official announcement regarding the game's launch can be expected sometime at the end of the year.

Hardware news

Foxconn Quantum Force Rattler P67 Motherboard Review @ Vortez
Description: Rumours surrounding the Quantum Force Series having a new P67 addition have been circulating around the internet for many months now, and today we finally get our hands on a motherboard named Rattler which incorporates that Intel P67 chipset.

Description: A unique technology featured on GIGABYTE's motherboards has come to graphics cards in the form of the Ultra Durable VGA technology banner. This includes a 2oz copper design for a lower working temperature and a reduction of hotspots, better overclocking and better power efficiency, as well as Japanese solid capacitors, Tier 1 memory from Samsung and Hynix, as well as quality Ferrite Core chokes and MOSFETs adding to the benefits of the 2oz copper design. You'll find the majority of non-reference GIGABYTE graphics cards sporting this logo, while SuperOverclock (SOC) cards feature the Ultra Durable VGA Plus+ logo.

Top Budget to Mainstream Graphics Cards
Description: The last few months we've seen both AMD and Nvidia turn their attention to the high-end segment of the graphics market. In addition to launching their latest single-GPU flagship boards, both companies just recently launched a couple of dual-GPU beasts. We have to say it's great to see such spirited competition as it's usually customers that reap the benefits. That's especially true today as mainstream cards are getting more and more powerful and even a $100 product is capable of far more than you may give it credit for. So, while AMD and Nvidia settle the score at the super expensive enthusiast level, we actually want to have a look at what's been happening elsewhere. We've compiled a table with some of what we consider the best options at several price points between $70 and $200.

Xigmatek Gaia SD1283 CPU Cooler Review @ Tweaknews
Description: Xigmatek's Gaia SD 1283 CPU cooler has it all covered. It's got outstanding cooling performance, a diminutive acoustic footprint, a distinctive look, an innovative direct touch design and a robust yet easily installed mounting solution.

Fractal Design R3 Case Review @ ITShootOut.com
Description: Today ITShootOut take a look at Fractal Design's R3, an affordable case designed for ultra-quiet PCs. As we found out, however, it is far from a one trick pony. With excellent design features, great build quality and very good cooling performance its one of the best contemporary cases on the market today

Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e External HDD Enclosure Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: The Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e External HDD Enclosures are all about flexibility. The Zalman ZM-HE350 U3 offers a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed connection, with complete backwards compatibility to USB 2.0 and 1.1, while the U3e adds eSATA connectivity to the mix. Whether you need blazing USB 3.0 and eSATA transfers, or connectivity to an older machine, the ZM-HE350 U3 and U3e have you covered.

Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review @ Bigbruin.com
Description: Noctua has developed a reputation for high quality components, backed up by countless awards from reviews published around the world. Downdraft coolers have been manufactured in the past, however few have been able to stand up to the larger tower coolers. The NH-C14 shows that Noctua knows what they are doing in this field.

Seagate GoFlex Slim 320GB USB 3.0 Hard Drive Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: The Seagate GoFlex Slim 320GB portable drive caught us a little off guard when it arrived. We weren't sure what to expect, but in the end we found ourselves pleasantly surprised to find a portable drive that was fast, lightweight, small and looked good. Usually, you can't find a way to blend all those features together without making sacrifices along the way, but that doesn't appear to be the situation we have here today. In order to take full advantage of this drive you really need to have a USB 3.0 interface! With CrystalDiskMark we saw the GoFlex Slim 320GB drive peak at ~120MB/s read and ~118MB/s write, so if you've been using a USB 2.0 drive and are stuck at ~31MB/s write speeds you'll see nice performance gains!

Thermaltake Frio OCK CPU Cooler Review @ OCIA.net
Description: We first saw this cooler on display at CES 2011 in the suit that Thermaltake was set up in. The Frio OCK is the refreshed version of Thermaltake's top Frio cooler. With OCK standing for “Over Clocker King,” it wasn’t hard to determine the target market here. We are actually a little surprised to see it released as our rep said it might not make it to market due to a cost prohibitive construction.

ASUS GTX 590 Review @ ocaholic
Description: With the GTX 590 ASUS also has the NVIDIA dual GPU flagship in its portfolio. This card is based on the reference design except that ASUS marginally increased GPU and memory frequencies to get a very small advatage over their competitors. Never the less we're curious how this thing will perform in our benchmark parcours.

Antec Kuhler H20 620 CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labs
Description: With the latest Kuhler H20 620 Antec has made a strong come back in CPU Cooling not only because of the unit's excellent cooling efficiency but also because of its small size, low-profile pump, flexible tubings and killer price tag.

Prolimatech Genesis Review @ XSReviews.co.uk
Description: Prolimatech is known for high-end air cooling heatsinks like the Megahalems, Armageddon and Super Mega. The Genesis is supposedly a hybrid processor and motherboard cooler and in this review we’re going to see whether Prolimatech’s hybrid is any good.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Acer Aspire 5830T TimelineX: Evolution Through Time @ InsideHW
Description: It’s been a while since we met the last representative of the new, promising series of Acer notebooks – Timeline. The elegant lines, good performance and recognisable design were accompanied by excellent battery autonomy and a reasonable price, which made these models very attractive. This time around, it’s another “sinking” – Acer’s Aspire 5830T, from the new TimelineX generation. The recognisable ground aluminium lid with a silver Acer logo is present here as well. Besides the fact that pressure on the lid causes no display distortion, the aluminium surface also provides additional ruggedness and strength to the notebook. The sharp lines are usually indicative of business models, but Acer has used a small trick – all edges are rounded or mildly tilted against the surface they’re facing, which makes the new TimelineX models much more attractive to a wider number of customers…

Toshiba unveils 2011 product range – entertainment, wherever you are
Description: Toshiba UK today announces its 2011 product range, including the first CEVO Engine powered TV, 3D-enabled Satellite laptops, brand new Blu-ray players and two new Camileo high definition camcorders. Toshiba also today announces Toshiba Places, a cloud-based portal that enables users to access and share content across a variety of devices.

Toshiba to launch glasses-free notebooks in 2H 2011
Description: According to Digitimes, Toshiba plans to launch glasses-free laptops in 2H 2011. Toshiba actually demonstrated a prototype 3D laptop in CES 2011, called the Qosmio. It had a parallax-barrier LCD (with one viewpoint) and an eye-tracking camera.

Western Digital My Book 3.0 1TB USB 3.0 External HDD Review
Description: The Western Digital My Book 3.0 is a sleek enclosure around two inches wide and seven inches tall. The top, bottom and back are vented to allow air to flow over the internal drive, but the front and sides have a matte black finish. When the drive is powered a tiny white LED glows to show that the system is actually powered on. Western Digital needed some way to show that the drive was powered on since the My Book 3.0 is silent from just a few inches away. On the back you will find a single button to power the enclosure on and off."

HTC Pyramid to launch on April 12th under the name of HTC Sensation?
Description: When HTC extended an invitation our way to come "see what's next" on April 12th in London, plenty of you were already guessing that its long-rumored 1.2GHz Pyramid device would seize that opportunity to make its debut. Now Pocket-lint has apparently confirmed those inklings, with word from an insider affirming the new Android smartphone's launch for that day and also adding that its retail name will be the HTC Sensation. HTC has already filed a claim to trademark that tandem of words, which lends an extra dash of credence to this revelation.

Acer Aspire Z5761 touchscreen all-in-one packs Core i7 and NVIDIA GPU
Description: Acer has outed its latest all-in-one, the 24-inch Acer Aspire Z5761. Built around a choice of Intel Core i5-2400S, i5-2500S or Core i7-2600S processors along with up to 8GB of RAM, the touchscreen desktop promises home entertainment and even some gaming potential thanks to a range of discrete NVIDIA GPUs to choose from.

Hands on: Samsung's Prevail smartphone on Boost Mobile
Description: Confirming several leaks, Boost Mobile has formally unveiled its latest smartphone, Samsung's Prevail handset, at a special event in New York City. The device represents the carrier's flagship smartphone, which will be sold alongside several BlackBerry offerings and the aging Motorola i1. Electronista attended the introduction to take a closer look at the new device, which may prove to be one of the most attractive smartphones paired with contract-free data plans.

Gaming news

AIKA SEA To Launch On April 12 Officially
Description: AIKA SEA will be opening its servers officially on 12th April at 4pm (GMT+08h), and here are some answers to questions that Asiasoft have put up for AIKA SEA with regards for CBT users.

Dragon Quest X almost done, announcement 'by the end of this year'
Description: Series creator Yuji Horii announced Dragon Quest X, in development for Wii, at a press conference in December 2008. And that was the last anyone heard about it until the April 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. The subject came up in an interview feature about "Dragon Quest through the Ages," when Horii stated that it's nearing completion.

Next Black Ops Map Pack Leaked
Description: An Australian retailer has leaked the first details on the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will be called the Escalation Pack.

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