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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 4 April 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Three USB3.0-capable flash drives with capacities of 64GB get put to the test to see which product offers users better performances;
  • Thermalright's TR-360 replacement cooler for the Xbox 360 video game console gets reviewed;
  • A future version of iOS might receive OS X's Spaces feature;
  • Panasonic is reportedly starting to ship BDXL optical discs which boast up to 100GB of storage space;
  • Dynasty Warriors 7 is set to receieve a DLC which restores the game's original Japanese voices, and
  • Anonymous has declared war on Sony in support for George Hotz

Hardware news

USB 3.0 64GB Flash Drive Round-up
Description: In the last year we have reviewed a handful of USB 3.0 devices and today several memory manufacturers offer flash drives claiming to utilize the extra performance offered by the revamped interface. Today we are looking at three 64GB flash drives: the AData Nobility Series N005, Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 and Patriot SuperSonic.

ASUS Routers: Wireless Elegance @ InsideHW
Description: In order to create a good SOHO wireless network environment, one always has to provide reliable equipment. In order to avoid the regret of not having chosen equipment more wisely when first setting up the network (unlike some of us), make sure you look comprehensively at the current market situation. If you don’t have a personal contact that would provide adequate advice, cruise the internet a little and take a look at what others are recommending. It’s likely in both cases that you’ll end up in the default product gamma of a large manufacturer, but at times, you may be surprised by the quality of the solutions offered by other familiar names in the IT field. This is one such occasion, and we’ve had the chance to thoroughly examine two of ASUS’ wireless solutions, namely DSL-N10 (modem/router) and a dual-band router RT-N56U…

Thermalright TR-360 Xbox 360 GPU Cooler Replacement Review @ Madshrimps
Description: Designed for the XBOX 360 GPU, to provide better cooling and heat dissipation, reduces the chances of break down and prolong the XBOX 360 life.

Lian Li Lancool PC-K57 Computer Case Review @ Tweaknews
Description: Lian Li LanCool's PC-K57 chassis has a lot going for it, and the potential for much more. The bold look and solid construction are quite welcome, but there is a lot more to recommend it. With a roomy interior, solid tool-free features and outstanding cable management, including the innovative cable channel, the PC-K57 was a joy to work in and the dust filters are easily serviced to help the user keep the case in good shape.

OCZ ZX 850 Series 850 Watt Power Supply Review
Description: The ZX series of power supplies is aimed at powering gaming and enthusiast systems alike and is available in 850W, 1000W, and 1250W flavors. This range of power supplies offers plenty of power for those seeking to power systems with a single GPU all the way up to a triple GPU system with dual processors. The ZX series of power supplies boast 80Plus Gold certification, fully modular cables, and a single 12V rail. Today we take a look at the ZX 850, the smallest of the three ZX series power supplies.

ASUS Sabertooth P67 Motherboard Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: This year ASUS introduced the Sabertooth P67 motherboard. The Sabertooth P67 is the next generation in durability and reliability. The Sabertooth P67 has enough features to hit every market of user, from the server computer, to the enthusiast gamer. This P67 motherboard supports the newer Intel 1155 socket CPUs and up to 1866 DDR3 memory. The main specific features to note with the Sabertooth P67 are the TUF thermal armor, TUF thermal radar, TUF components, Digi+ VRM, and E.S.P. The TUF thermal armor is a shunt designed panel that covers all of the critical components.

Zalman ZM-F4 135mm Multipurpose Fan Review
Description: We've visited similar offerings from Zalman's Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS) products with the Zalman ZM-F3-FDB & ZM-SF3, along with the CNPS 9900 MAX. We at Legit Reviews have come to respect the Zalman products we have seen since they perform admirably and live up to their claims. Today was no different. Zalman's ZM-F4 Multipurpose Fan was probably one of the best fans I have ever run into. Its sound was as smooth as butter. It outperformed most offerings on the market. It also did so while still remaining quiet and affordable…

Patriot G2 (GAMER 2) 1600MHz CL9 8GB Review @ Vortez
Description: It was at the very end of last year that Patriot Memory announced the commencement of a new series named Gamer 2 (G2 for short). This new series of memory, again, like many of our recent memory product reviews is focussed on the new Sandy Bridge platform. Apart from their attractive price-tag they also have a number of pleasing characteristics – they are extremely low profile, so much so that the heatspreaders are in fact shorter than the modules they cover. They are also said to give impressive performance figures too.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Patent Describes OS X Spaces on iPad
Description: The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a new patent that describes a system by which Spaces, Apple’s system for operating multiple independent desktops on one computer, might be brought to the iPad. Could this be a preview of the merger of iOS and OS X?

Samsung UN55C9000 55 inch 3D LED TV Review at Overclockers Online
Description: Flip through any magazine and you’ll see that sex sells and an ultra thin 55″ 3D LED TV is just downright sexy in any room! Mouths drop in awe when friends come over and see what I have in the living room. Picture quality is just as important to how a TV looks and the UN55C9000 has one of the best displays Samsung has ever made. The colors stand out and the LED backlight highlights dark scenes extremely well. Not to be outdone by any 3D TV on the market, the UN55C9000 comes fully equipped with 3D playback as well as wireless LAN for media streaming and Internet browsing.

A.C.Ryan PlayON!HD Mini 2 Full HD Media Streamer Review
Description: The space and user friendly PlayON!HD Mini 2 may not be perfect in every possible aspect but it is without doubt amongst the best standalone Media Players A.C.Ryan has designed and manufactured to date.

Sony CEO tips Apple built-in camera plans, iPhone 5 delay possible?
Description: In an on-stage interview at Carnegie Hall with Walt Mossberg, Sony CEO Howard Stringer appears to have confirmed an earlier rumor that an upcoming iPhone 5 will have an 8MP digital camera with a sensor made by Sony. Stringer made a number of somewhat cryptic comments to Mossberg about Apple, at one point commenting on the irony of Sony making "the best camera" for Apple devices.

K-Touch W700 Anroid phone looks pretty sweet
Description: While the Chinese have been known for creating poor copies of existing phones and slapping on a different OS and brand name on their devices, phone manufacturers, K-Touch, has introduced a phone worthy of not being branded as some cheap knock off. Called the W700, this Android phone has got some pretty nice specs to boot. It packs a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, it runs Android 2.2, has 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory, a 3.8″ display (480 x 800), a 5 megapixel rear camera, a 0.3 megapixel front facing camera, WiFil, Bluetooth, GPS, FM tuner, and microSD card slot. It will be released in China mid-April via China Unicom for 3500 Chinese Yuan ($535). No word on whether it’ll hit our stores but we wouldn’t mind seeing phones like these on sale at low prices.

Panasonic to ship first-ever 100GB BDXL recordable disc
Description: Panasonic claimed the distinction on Monday of being the first company to ship a BDXL rewritable disc. The three-layer, 100GB disc gives users as much as eight hours and 40 minutes of full-quality, 24Mbps 1080p video they can write many times. It should theoretically be tougher than most discs with a coating to guard against fingerprints and scratches.

Windows 8 to use Ribbon, Phone 7 design?
Description: Screenshots from early builds of the next version of Windows suggest Microsoft is favouring its Ribbon inteface. Early versions of Windows 8 have popped up online over the past few weeks, with the pre-beta code apparently leaked as Microsoft sends it to partners.

Gaming news

WC 11: Clone Wars Season 4 – Grievous vs. Gungans!
Description: A teaser for Clone Wars Season 4 shows some cool clips glimpses at what's to come, including a Jedi so bad ass, he has two double-sided lightsabers.

Anonymous Declares War on Sony
Description: Gulp! That's the collective reaction Sony likely had this morning after receiving a slap to the face from the hacker activist group famous for taking on the Church of Scientology, Anonymous. For its recent actions against PlayStation 3 hackers, including George "Geohot" Hotz, Anonymous has declared war on Sony.

Dynasty Warriors 7 To Get Japanese Voices In Free DLC
Description: The US release of Dynasty Warriors 7 will be getting Japanese voices for free in the form of a DLC. The DLC will be made available via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The free DLC update will also include additional costumes. No release date was mentioned but the developers mention another paid DLC is also on its way.

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