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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 31 Mar 2011


In today's news roundup:

  • How video games killed desktop PC computing;
  • Preview of SuperFlower SF-700P14XE Modular PSU;
  • Samsung keylogger accusations prove false ;
  • Microsoft exec ignores sales figures, says tablets a fad;
  • Mega Man Universe cancelled, and
  • Hideo Kojima gets promoted to Konami Vice President.

Hardware news

How Video Games Killed Desktop PC Computing

Description: For those of you who aren't in constant contact with the marketing arm of AMD and NVIDIA, you might not know that very few video game titles are made exclusively for the PC platform. Nearly all video games developed over the past four years have been designed for consoles first and foremost, and then later released for PC.

J&W MINIX 890GX-USB3 Mini-ITX (AMD 890GX) Motherboar?d

Description: It is a Mini-ITX motherboard built around the AMD 890GX chipset, complete with four SATA 3.0 ports, two USB 3.0 and three network interfaces. There is an n-spec wireless card and two GBe LAN ports. This pint sized product also is capable of supporting up to a 95 Watt AMD CPU.

MSI P67A-GD80 Socket 1155 Motherboar?d Review

Description: The chipset design error wasn't catastrophic by any means and likely wouldn't cause any issues for years to come, but it certainly needed to be corrected regardless. Board manufacturers worked with Intel to replace "bad" boards with those featuring the revised B3 chipset and business is pretty much back to normal at this point.

SuperFlowe?r SF-700P14X?E Modular PSU preview

Description: The Super Flower SF-700P14XE comes in a rather stylish box, sporting a golden theme (to match with the “golden green” range name). We can clearly see the benefit of this particular PSU on the front; 90+ % efficiency at 80% load.

G.Skill SNIPER Series 1600MHz CL9 8GB Review

Description: Although the Sniper series is designed for Intel platforms, it is also compatible with AMD platforms too. G. Skill have done extensive testing to ensure full compatibility for both parties covering a wide range of chipsets from AM3 right through to X58. The Sniper series is available in 2 colour options, pitch-black and metallic arm green.

Zotac GTX 570 2GB Review

Description: While there may be some missing images and feature run downs, here’s our review of the GTX 570 from Zotac. How will it compare to our previously tested HIS HD 6970?

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Google Plays Down Microsoft's Antitrust Complaint in Europe

Description: Google played down the significance of an antitrust complaint filed by one of its main rivals, Microsoft, on Thursday and said its discussions were continuing with European Union regulators.

Samsung keylogger accusations prove false

Description: A security expert's claims that Samsung installs keylogger spyware on its laptops are incorrect, according to both Samsung and independent sources.

Google +1 Adds Social Element To Search

Description: Facebook is the target as the company builds a social network around search results that lets people share recommendations for websites and online advertisers.

Microsoft exec ignores sales figures, says tablets a fad

Description: Microsoft's global chief research and strategy officer Craig Mundie has made statements that he is unsure if tablets are here to stay or if they are just a passing fad.

Roku set-top box inks deal with Best Buy

Description: Now that watching online content through your TV is all the rage, Roku's set-top box is now big enough for the #1 electronics retailer in the country.

Acer President and CEO Lanci Resigns

Description: Acer president and CEO Gianfranco Lanci has resigned from the company, effective immediately, Acer announced Thursday. Chairman JT Wang will step in as interim president and CEO.

Gaming news

Mega Man Universe Cancelled

Description: Capcom has cancelled development of Mega Man Universe. The announcement was made tonight through the game's official website. Capcom did not provide a specific reason behind its cancellation.

Hideo Kojima Gets Promoted to Konami Vice President

Description: Konami Digital Entertainment announced that Hideo Kojima, famed creator of the Metal Gear franchise, has been appointed the role of vice president within the company.

Gears of War 3 beta footage: Who wants to see a Locust get his head kicked into stew?

Description: You know what else isn’t a let-down? This preview video of Gears of War 3's multiplayer component. New executions, new melee tactics, new weapons, new gadgets. It's basically a total winner, and you should watch it ASAP.

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