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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 21 April 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • ASRockls Fatal1ty P67 Professional Motherboard gets reviewed;
  • Western Digital's latest external hard disk, the 1TB-totting WD My Passport Essential SE, gets reviewed;
  • Verizon claims that Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 will be a 'world phone', which should be good news for frequent travellers who have to deal with handsets that are either SIM-locked or lack the neccessary hardware needed to function on a certain frequency band;
  • Ubisoft's latest guitar-based game, Rocksmith, gets an early preview, and
  • The popular Japanese 2D fighting game Ougon Musoukyoku has been confirmed to receieve an Xbox 360 port, complete with new characters

Hardware News

ASRock Fatal1ty P67 Professional Motherboar?d Review @ Madshrimps
Description: The P67 Professional Motherboard from ASRock is the Fatal1ty branded product from the series and comes with a lot of features like Digital PWM, XFast USB Technology, V16+2 CPU Power Phases, no less than 6 USB 3.0 ports and 6 SATA3, C.C.O., THX TruStudio Pro, and the unique Fatal1ty Mouse Port, which allows us to set the desired mouse polling rate, up to 1000Hz.

Thecus N4200 Pro Four Bay NAS Review @ Tweaknews
Description: With the N4200 Pro, Thecus has further improved upon an already stable, high-performance four bay NAS. The upgraded hardware over the original N4200 make it a solid choice for a multiple user environment, and the mini-UPS and dual DOM features help avoid data loss in the event of a power outage or firmware corruption."

Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB USB 3.0 HDD Review
Description: The Western Digital My Passport Essential SE is the latest addition to the Series and brings a colourful entry to the normally boring world of portable storage. With four colour options available; blue, red, silver and black, you can choose what goes best with that new purse. The choices don't stop there; the My Passport Essential SE is also available in 1TB or 750GB capacity sizes.

Corsair TX850 V2 PSU Review @ Vortez
Description: Corsair's TX series was extremely popular, winning multiple awards. Building on the successes of the TX series, Corsair have launched a new V2 range with a bigger – 140mm fan and better components such as Japanese capacitors rated at 105C. Rated at 80 Plus Bronze, the TX V2 has increased efficiency over its predecessor and comes with an impressive 5 year warranty – a firm stamp of confidence. The variant we will be taking a look at today is the 850W delivering a burly 70A for the +12v rail, delivering the performance capabilities for those seeking to SLI or Crossfire.

Noctua NH-C14 Review @ ocaholic
Description: With the NH-C14 Noctua has a new flagship in its portfolio regarding down draft coolers. The NH-C14 is equipped with two fans that measure 140 mm in diameter. Meanwhile standard for the Austrian is the very good delivery which for example contains resistors as well as mounting kits for all Intel and AMD sockets.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Roccat Kova+ Max Performance Gaming Mouse Review @ Real World Labs
Description: Featuring an increased speed from 40IPS to 130IPS, increased acceleration from 30G to 40G, Soft Touch rubber coating for improved grip, EasyShift feature for up to 8 more button functions and a fully customizable control software suite the Kova+ mouse by Roccat is far more than just a worthy successor to the original Kova.

Bnter Brings Conversation Sharing App To Android Phones, Launches Bookmarklet
Description: We’re big fans of Bnter, an app that allows you to share your conversations with others publicly. The same way you share photos via the web or your mobile phone, Bnter allows you to share snippets of conversations you have with friends on the web. While the startup initially focused on SMS, Bnter recently broadened its scope to allow users to share any sort of conversation, including GChat, in-person chat, email and more. Today, Bnter is launching a free Android app (which joins an existing iPhone app) and is launching a bookmarklet, and in-depth Twitter integration

Lenovo's S-800 phone uses a transparen?t PMOLED, probably made by TDK, unknown release date…
Description: Back in November 2010 we reported about a new phone by Lenovo which uses a transparent display called the S-800. We thought it might be a transparent OLED, but we weren't sure. Today Dialog Semiconductor reveals that they supplied the driver IC to that phone, and indeed it's a transparent PMOLED. Hopefully the S-800 will actually launch soon, unlike the Samsung IceTouch MP3 player. The display itself is probably made by TDK – which has been showing transparent PMOLEDs back in October 2010 – ready to be mass produced and driven by Dialog's ICs…

Verizon says iPhone 5 will be a world phone
Description: Folks who travel all over the world frequently but are annoyed that they have to bring a secondary phone in addition to their iPhone because their devices are SIM locked or don’t support foreign radio frequencies will love this news. At Verizon’s discussions about their Q1 results, CFO Fran Shammo was recently quoted as saying: “The fluctuation, I believe, will come when a new device from Apple is launched…"

LG Optimus 3D set to reach the UK on June 6
Description: The LG Optimus 3D will arrive in the UK on June 6, at least at retailer Clove. It will cost £379 (about $627) contract-free. The phone will be the first to sport a glasses-free 3D display and dual cameras that can record 3D content as well.

Microsoft’s Windows XP Death Watch Counter Doesn’t Work With Windows XP
Description: Microsoft wants all of its Windows XP users to know exactly how much time they've got before XP is taken out to the back shed and mercy-killed with a shot to the nape. Which is why the "Windows XP End of Support Countdown Gadget," available now from Microsoft, would be so, so handy—if it were compatible with XP devices.

Gaming news

Ougon Musoukyoku X Announced, Gets New Characters, Xbox 360 Only
Description: If you are wondering when will 07th expansion be adding new characters to their 2D PC fighting game – Ougon Musoukyokyu. That question has been answered but not for the PC.

Rocksmith Preview @ Computing on Demand
Description: For all of the guitar players out there who share my frustration with current guitar games, Ubisoft is promising to help us out. Anyone who plays guitar, for obvious reasons, seems to struggle a bit with Rock Band and/or Guitar Hero. The problem being, one of the biggest parts of actually playing guitar is the feel of the guitar. Holding a little piece of plastic and tapping away mercilessly at buttons can get a little boring.

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