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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 20 June 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Analysts are predicting that demand for USB 3.0 is set to experience a huge spike as a result of AMD's introductions of new chipsets that integrate support for it into the core logic chipset, and that Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge platform, when released in 2012, will see support for the standard reach even higher levels;
  • Word has it that Apple is planning something major for the Thunderbolt interface which will not only change the way users work with their Macs, but will also help stimulate demand for the interface as well;
  • HP has released a new wireless computer mouse which is reportedly capable of connecting to PCs through a WiFi connection, as opposed to most existing wireless mice which require the use of additional hardware such as bluetooth dongles;
  • Engineers from Google's Chrome team have claimed that future versions of the Chrome browser will be capable of predicting a user's next link and automatically pre-rendering pages to further reduce loading times;
  • Sony unveils a new variant of its PlayStation 3 console, the CECH-3000B, which is said to be both slimmer and less power hungry than its predecessor, in Japan, and
  • DICE has confirmed that the console ports of Battlefield 3 will have their framerates locked to 30fps in order to "allow a greater degree of graphical detail whilst enabling the consoles to cope better with vehicles and multiplayer".

Hardware news

80 Million 3.0 Devices Set to Be Shipped in 2011
Description: 2011 should be a much bigger year for the technology, especially in mobile PCs, driven by the first chipsets from AMD that integrate SuperSpeed into the core logic chipset. Intel is expected to follow with its Ivy Bridge chipset in 2012. This all will lead to sales of USB 3.0-capable devices to 80 million units.

Is this summer the real debutante ball for Thunderbolt?
Description: Thunderbolt, Intel’s new high speed data transfer tech, has arrived, but it’s been on the market now since February, and we’ve heard a lot of noise, but have yet to see it really do much in the way of changing how we use our Macs. Signs indicate that this summer could be the time we do see that happen.

OCZ Vertex 3 240GB Max IOPS Edition SSD Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: We've done quite a few SSD reviews this year and frankly, some of the drives we test seem like carbon copies of the one before save for different branding. Performance tends to be relatively equal, at least within the standard deviation of the benchmarks used and it's rare for a drive to really stand out. The Vertex 3 MI is one of those rare drives that, in a sea of virtual SSD homogeny, distinguishes itself with all around performance perceptively better than any other single SATA III interfaced drive we've tested to date – except maybe the…

GIGABYTE X58A-OC (Intel X58 Express) Motherboard Review
Description: Back at CES (during the G1-Killer launch) we were shown something pretty special; besides the G1 we mean. While Tim Handley was telling us about the virtues of the G1-Killer line-up, he flashed us a picture of a new board that was still under development. This was an early image of the X58A-OC. The concept was a streamlined product intended just for overclocking and performance. You still get audio and LAN on the board, but for the most part the extras that are on many boards are gone. Of course, with the items removed other pieces have been dropped in to handle the extra voltage and current load from pushing the CPU and multiple GPUs to extremes. Despite the lack of all of the "extra" features, the price is still $380 from Newegg.com.

Corsair Vengeance 1866 MHz DDR3 Memory @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: Corsair is a well-known name within the memory market and although they have diversified in recent years their main focuses is still memory. Their most recent addition to their arsenal line is the Vengeance which fits in-between their XMS and Dominator lines of RAM. Benchmark Reviews will be looking at the Corsair Vengeance 1866Mhz 9-10-9-28 CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9 kit which is perfect for Sandy Bridge systems which require memory speeds to be divisible by 266.66 MHz in order to run at their rated speeds. Since prices have for high performance DDR3 have plummeted in the recent years this kit is priced at only $104.99 compared to the comparable Dominators $169.99 price. Benchmark Reviews will see if corners were cut to reach this price or if Vengeance is the frugal enthusiast best friend.

ASUS BC-12B1ST Internal 12X BD-Combo Drive Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: The ASUS BC-12B1ST drive can read a Blu-Ray disc and has the ability to burn data onto a DVD media. The ASUS BC-12B1ST BD-Combo drive can reach read speeds of 12X for BD-ROM discs and 16X for DVD-ROM discs. As for data burning speed, the ASUS BC-12B1ST BD-Combo drive can burn a DVD+/-R disc up to 16X and store data on CD-R discs up to 48X. Using ASUS’ E-Green technology, the BC-12B1ST BD-Combo drive conserves energy by closing unused drive applications while the Optical Tuning Strategy employed by the BC-12B1ST drive when burning results in excellent error-free burning. Using a SATA interface and being compatible with a Windows operating system, makes the ASUS BC-12B1ST a great addition to your PC-based home theater system.

RaidSonic Icy Box IB-NAS6220 HDD Network Mediaserver Review @ Real World Labs
Description: The ICY BOX IB-NAS6220 HDD Network Mediaserver by RaidSonic is the ideal choice for people looking for a cost-effective dual-bay NAS solution without the advanced functions and extra features found on more expensive solutions.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

HP Shipping a Mouse That Connects Using Wi-Fi
Description: Wireless mice are pretty handy, but not everyone can utilize them the same way. Some run off Bluetooth, which requires for the computer to have Bluetooth hardware – not a standard part. An alternative is for an external USB dongle that adds a Bluetooth or RF receiver. HP is now selling a third option that uses a Wi-Fi connection, which these days is standard on laptops, to add a wireless mouse on a Windows 7 system without the requirement of Bluetooth or use of any additional dongles.

RAZER Chimaera Wireless Gaming Headset Review @ Madshrimps
Description: The RAZER Chimaera Gaming Headset offers wireless connectivity for maximum liberty of movement, features large cups for confortable wear during long gaming sessions, a uni-directional microphone with a flexible mic boom and an easy to use charging dock.

Skype rolls out bespoke low-bandwidth client for "hardship locations"
Description: A bespoke low-bandwidth version of Skype has now been rolled out to 90 hardship locations, providing UNHCR employees with both free and low-cost voice and video calls over the Internet even when connection quality is poor. By the end of 2011, the aim is for Skype to be in at least 80% of UNHCR hardship locations and available to more than 3,000 staff members.

Future Versions of Chrome Will Predict Your Next Link & Pre-Render Pages Automatically
Description: ChromeGoogle engineers are known for doing whatever it takes to shave precious milliseconds off of page loads, but it’s pretty rare to see them steal a page from the past in pursuit of their goal. Upcoming releases of Chrome however will do just that, adding link pre-fetching/pre-rendering to the latest editions of the company’s flagship browser.

Google's Father's Day Reminder Sparks Backlash
Description: In Buzz-like fashion, Google set off a backlash among some U.S. Gmail users unhappy to see a "Call dad" reminder automatically show up in their inboxes on Sunday. The search giant meant to use Father's Day as a chance to show off Gmail's built-in voice calling feature that Google launched in 2010. Instead it has sparked another embarrassing episode for Google earning it another social black eye.

Canon brings multi-color Rebel T3 hues to US
Description: After previously limiting the production runs to a handful of countries like Australia and Canada, Canon on Monday brought new colors of the Rebel T3 to the US. The DSLR now comes not just in conservative black but but also the previously seen red hue as well as brown and metallic gray. The palette swap is the first in years for the Rebel after the company stopped shipping the camera in silver.

Gaming news

Sony unveils greener, lighter PS3 slim in Japan
Description: Sony's mystery new PS3 model was uncovered on Monday with a new model in Japan. The CECH-3000B, a Japanese version of the CECH-3001B, should be better-behaved than the old model with a 200W power draw instead of 230W on the current slim PS3. The newer design would be lighter, too, at 5.7 pounds instead of the usual 6.6.

Battlefield 3 on Console Will Run At Half PC Frame Rate
Description: Over the weekend, DICE confirmed that Battlefield 3 will run at 30 frames per second on consoles, half the framerate of the PC version. The developer claims that this will allow a greater degree of graphical detail whilst enabling the consoles to cope better with vehicles and multiplayer.

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