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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 20 January 2011

In today’s global news roundup: NVIDIA announces plans to integrate general-purpose ARM processing core(s) into a chip that belongs to Maxwell family of graphics processing units; Microsoft claims to have found the culprit responsible for causing certain users’ data charges to go haywire; Asahi introduces a strong glass that will compete with the popular Gorilla glass; Europe and North America get official launch dates for Nintendo’s 3DS handheld gaming console, and Microsoft is offering the hacker who leaked the PlayStation 3’s security keys a gift in the form of a free smartphone and developer access.

Hardware news:

Zalman VF3000F VGA Graphics Card Cooler Review @ Tweaknews
Description: Overall the Zalman VF3000F at US$60 is a great alternative to Nvidia’s stock cooling solution. It does a good job of keeping the maximum temperatures low while not compromising silence. From the instructions to the single heatsink plate, the forethought is evident and the thermal testing proves this aftermarket product is a worthy upgrade…

Coolermaster Turbine Master Mach 0.8 Review – XSReviews
Description: Reviewing graphics cards, mechanical keyboards, monitors and all sorts of other fancy products can be fun, but sometimes we have to break it down to basics and look at something a little more humble; case in point, this fan. However, don’t get too downhearted, it’s still nerdy as hell and packed with “features”, for a fan at least…

ASUS Maximus IV Extreme – Layout und Design @ ocaholic
Description: With the Maximus IV Extreme, ASUS shows its first Intel P67 motherboard which was designed with overclockers and PC-Gamers in mind. Therefore this product come with a lot of features and goodies and it’s almost screaming to be overclocked.

Thermaltake at CES 2011 @ OCIA.net
Description: Thermaltake was once again at CES in full force. Touring their suite at the Palazzo Hotel, I was presented with a variety of products covering multiple different markets. Thermaltake is a well known brand that I am quite familiar with. My first “enthusiast” case years ago was a Thermaltake, so I tend to keep an eye out for their products just to see what they come up with over time…

In Win Dragon Rider Review @ Vortez
Description: A great deal of enthusiasts may not have heard of In Win before, they are a
Taiwanese based company that specialise in chassis/case manufacture. We have
taken a look at some of their storage products in times past via the NA and
AMMO. I took a look at the In Win Griffin, which as highlighted in the
article had some major flaws in the design. Determined to find some
improvement in In Win’s case design, I am today looking at the Dragon Rider
which is In Win’s first full tower case. In fact, this case can accommodate
E-ATX motherboards…

Antec High Current Gamer 520W PSU Review (German)
Description: (Machine Translation) The Antec High Current Gamer 520W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU with one +12V rail (40A), 135mm Fan, 6x SATA hard disk connectors and 2x PCI-e 6+2-Pin.

Nvidia Maxwell Graphics Processors to Have Integrated ARM General-Purpose Cores
Description: Nvidia Corp. will integrate general-purpose ARM processing core(s) into a chip that belongs to Maxwell family of graphics processing units (GPUs), the company revealed in an interview. The Maxwell-generation chip will be the first commercial physical implementation of Nvidia’s project Denver and will also be the company’s first accelerated processing unit (APU).

Consumer Electronics and Software news:

SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ 8GB MP3 Player Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: SanDisk is a long time competitor in the consumer flash drive and portable media player market, with most of their life spent with producing and developing flash memory based devices. Today we’ll have a look at the new iteration of the Sansa Fuze player from SanDisk called the Sansa Fuze+ (plus) with its updated design, new User Interface and updated codec support. Can the Sansa Fuze+ from SanDisk bring to market everything you’re looking for in a portable media player? Read on and we’ll see.

HP EliteBook 8740w Mobile Workstation @ TestFreaks
Description: Today I’ve got another laptop for review, this one though is from HP and it’s the 8740w mobile workstation and yes it’s a big laptop, big and heavy. It has a Corei5 520 CPU which is a dual core, but it runs four threads so it appears as a quad core, but that’s not the best part, it features a 17” DreamColor display that is absolutely gorgeous. The battery life isn’t the greatest but I can forgive it for that as it’s just a great laptop altogether…

Mimecast Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program with First Always-On Continuity Service for BlackBerry Email
Description: Mimecast, a unified email management company offering SaaS-based email security, continuity and archiving, has today announced that it has joined the BlackBerry Alliance Program as a BlackBerry Alliance Select Member. Mimecast joins a select group of technology and brand leaders, recognised for promoting the highest level of innovation and contributing to the strength of the market…

Apple’s Cook On iPad/Mac Relationship: “If This Is Cannibalization, It Feels Pretty Good.”
Description: During the earnings call following Apple’s blockbuster Q1 2011 results, a questions was asked about Apple’s Mac business as it relates to the iPad business. The iPad business, after all, is growing much faster (and just overtook the Apple portable computer business in terms of revenue). So is it affecting the Mac business by eating into it?

Microsoft blames Windows Phone 7 data usage issue on unnamed 3rd party
Description: In an excessively vague statement, Microsoft says that it has figured out why some Windows Phone 7 users are suffering excessive data usage, and says that the problem is the way a third-party service is configured.

iDOS strikes back, returns to the App Store
Description: If you’ve been cheekily holding on to the old version of iDOS, the one that got yanked from the App Store in record time, we’re sorry to say that you’ve got a decision to make. It’s now back and available for download, and if you want to keep your old one you’re going to have to update all your other apps around it

Asahi intros strong glass for devices, won’t name customers
Description: Asahi Glass unveiled a new form of ultra-strong glass meant to take on Corning’s Gorilla Glass for use in mobile devices. Dragontrail has the same near-scratchproof surface as its American rival, will survive most common drops and can take 16kg (35lbs) of concerted pressure that could bend the display without breaking. The survivability lets hardware manufacturers use thinner glass as well and can result in both slimmer and thinner devices.

Gaming news:

[US / Europe ] Nintendo 3DS Launch Date and Price Announced
Description: Folks from the US and European countries will be getting their 3DS on 27th March and 25th March 2011 respectively, looks like the European side will be getting it early.

Zelda Ocarina of Time: Looking Better Than Ever
Description: Catch the trailer of the latest Zelda title on the Nintendo 3DS: The Ocarina of Time.

Microsoft Offers PS3 Hacker A Present
Description: George Hotz hacked Sony’s PS3, and then told everyone how to do it. That pissed Sony off, and the company is taking him to court. Rival Microsoft is ready to play nice, though. With a gift.

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