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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 16 June 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Analysts are claiming that the huge demand for portable computing devices such as notebooks, e-Readers and tablet devices have resulted in rising prices for the display panels used in the assembly of such devices, and that more companies are expected to hop onto the bandwagon in a bid to make as much profit as possible;
  • Industry sources have raised concerns about a potential oversupply of mobile DRAM chips that are currently being used to power devices such as tablets and e-Raders;
  • Researchers at Context Information Security who exposed security flaws in WebGL last month have identified further concerns about early implementations of the new technology, while revealing that none of the current WebGL implementations comply with the conformance standards imposed by the Khronos group, which is responsible for drawing up the entire WebGL specification and conformance tests;
  • A mysterious dual-screen, LG-branded smartphone featuring a slide-out QWERTY keyboard has been spotted making its rounds online;
  • Rumours are abuzz that Microsoft is set to reveal the successor to its Xbox 360 video game console, which is currently dubbed by many as the "Xbox 720", at next year's E3, and
  • Grasshopper, a well-known video game development house in Japan, has announced its plans to produce a music/rhythm game based on the popular Evangelion anime series.

Hardware news

Intel SSD 320 Series Solid State Drive @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: Intel is a company best known for their high-performance computer processors and motherboards, yet they're considered leaders in several different technology sectors. Solid State Drive technology is one particular market segment that has plenty of fresh competition, fighting for both retail consumer and corporate enterprise dollars. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Intel SSD 320 series solid state drive, which includes 25nm Intel MLC NAND Flash memory and Enhanced power-loss data protection. Speed and response time for the Intel SSD 320 is compared to several other competing storage solutions, demonstrating which SSD product delivers the best value for the money.

Scythe Mugen 3 CPU Cooler Review @ Real World Labs
Description: The latest Mugen 3 CPU Cooler by Scythe may not be worlds apart when compared to its predecessor the award winning Mugen 2 but its slightly increased performance and reduced size are two definite improvements.

PC panel prices rise because of high demand
Description: Panel prices are rising because of a huge demand for PC panels, analysts have said. According to Goksen Sertler, an analyst at Meko, panel makers are also jumping on the back of this and trying to make as much profit as they can. The comments come as AU Optronics (AUO) said that PC panel prices would rise by five and six percent this quarter compared to the last. It fingered the improving commercial notebook computer demand in the US and most Asian markets such as China for the rise.

Mobile DRAM oversupply concerns raised
Description: Many DRAM makers have been shifting production capacities to mobile DRAM while acknowledging growing tablet PC demand in contrast to stagnant sales of conventional computers, according to industry sources. However, concerns have also been raised recently about a possible glut of the chips used in newly popular mobile computers.

OCZ's Vertex 3 MAX IOPS 120GB, The New Mid-Range King? news
Description: I mentioned in our Mid-Range SSD Roundup that most SSD vendors like sampling the best balance of capacity/performance when it comes to SSD review samples. For the SandForce SF-2281 with 25nm NAND that just happens to be 240GB. Unfortunately there's a pretty big fall off in performance when going from …

ASUS GTX 580 Matrix Platinum review
Description: You've seen cards like the Matrix, ARES and MARS in the past, well .. the Matrix series is getting a teeny tiny bit more mainstream. As such the ROG team took the GeForce GTX 580 GPU, and threw the rest away. They designed a new PCB, added features and then decided to boldly go go where none will ever wants to go, they put an even bigger tree slot cooler onto the product. The end results is a graphics cards with a lot of features and hopefully overclock potential, shocking on both looks and design.

CoolIT Systems Announces Availability of OMNI N590 for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590
Description: CoolIT Systems announced today the launch of the OMNI N590 A.L.C. cooler for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590-based graphics cards. The release of this solution will enable trend setting system integrators to solve thermal and acoustic challenges in top-of-the-line PCs, allowing them to deliver a more robust NVIDIA Quad SLI solution to their customers.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

More security problems for WebGL
Description: Researchers at Context Information Security who exposed security flaws in WebGL last month have identified further concerns about early implementations of the new technology that allows web pages to draw fast 3D graphics to deliver a much richer experience to web users. In one example, a vulnerability in the Mozilla Firefox browser made it possible for malicious web pages to capture any screenshot from a target PC – including the user’s desktop, other web pages or applications. By revealing that none of the current implementations comply with WebGL conformance standards, Context also raises serious questions for Khronos, the consortium which has drawn up the WebGL specification and conformance tests.

Storage Options launches the world’s first personalised tablet for the youth market
Description: Storage Options, Yorkshire’s largest independent technology vendor, has launched the world’s first personalised tablet for the under 25s market. The miScroll, which retails at £119.95, is the fourth addition to the Scroll range, is the only tablet in the world to have a replaceable high capacity battery, which could come in handy on long journeys, late nights or during busy periods. With 4GB of internal memory and colourful exchangeable covers, which are available in a variety of vibrant colours and distinctive designs, the miScroll would make the perfect birthday present. Its features include a 1GHz ARM11 processor running on the Android 2.3 Operating System and built-in camera offering an expansive multimedia and social networking experience.

HP ProBook 6360b Notebook Review
Description: The ProBook 6360b is the latest addition to HP’s “b” series notebooks and their first in a 13.3” form factor. It's tailored for business professionals with a robust software suite including HP ProtectTools, Power Assistant and QuickWeb. Users will also appreciate the secure display latch, extended life battery options and docking station capabilities.

AMD Catalyst 11.6 Windows 7 Driver Analysis
Description: As we roll into the halfway mark for 2011, we see the latest iterations of the Catalyst drivers from AMD come in the form of the Catalyst 11.6. A little earlier than expected, the latest drivers seem to bring some nice features to the table as well as some promises of extra performance. With a fair bit on offer from the latest drivers, we won't spend any more time blabbing on about them and instead we'll just get into some of the highlights from the release notes; then we'll take a quick look at our testbed and check out the performance of the latest drivers.

Innergie mCube Lite Universal Laptop Charger Review – XSReviews
Description: Innergie have created a line of products to tackle the issue of having a myriad of laptop chargers that are only compatible with a single device. With the mCube Lite, they have created a slim, stylish charger for charging laptops and USB devices. Read on to see how the mCube Lite stacks up.

Mystery LG dual-screen Android phone shows up
Description: A new LG smartphone fell briefly into the hands of Pocket-Lint this week. Not much is known about the QWERTY slide-out device though it does sport a unique and dedicated touchscreen in between the hardware keys that acts as a shortcut app launcher. There are eight shortcut keys on the screen, with two that can be assigned. The Android-powered device is said to be large, and thicker than the Milestone 2 from LG.

Gaming news

Xbox 720 Coming at E3 2012
Description: One of the best things about shows like E3, Computex and CES is that they put long-standing rumors to rest. Sure, these rumors might not even exist without the shows but, if anything, they at least squash speculation about new products for another 12 months or so. With E3 2011 all done and dusted, talk of E3 2012 has already begun, and for now, the Xbox 720 is the subject.

Grasshopper Producing Evangelion Video Game
Description: Proving once again that you can never predict what kind of game Grasshopper Manufacture will make next, the Tokyo-based outfit announced today that it's developing a music/rhythm release based on Gainax's Evangelion anime series.

Something is Alive on LV-426 in the Premier Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer
Description: Aliens: Colonial Marines is a direct sequel to James Cameron's installment in the film franchise, and in the debut teaser for the game, we get a sampling of the continuing story Gearbox Software is crafting. Looks like the explosion at the atmospheric processing plant on LV-426 didn't kill everything…

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