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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 07 January 2011

In today’s news roundup, EVGA exhibits NVIDIA Dual-GPU card; OCZ exhibits semi-vapourware speed freak SDDs; Darth Vader makes a grand appearance at this year’s CES to promote some Blu-ray movies; Google introduces a new feature which allows users to view Google Docs videos from within the browser; Razer unveils its Switchblade portable gaming device and Radiant Historia: Undoing Death is set to hit Nintendo’s DS consoles on February 22

Hardware News

EVGA exhibits NVIDIA Dual-GPU card

Description:Following the successful GF104 launch, a dual-GF104 was then rumoured, and unlike dual-GF100 feasible under 300W TDP. However, into 2011, and GTX 295 from 2009 remains the last NVIDIA dual-GPU product. At CES 2011, EVGA is exhibiting a dual-GPU card, which appears to be in its final design stages.

Kingston introduces HyperX Genesis Special Edition Grey for Intel Sandy Bridge

Description:Kingston has announced the HyperX Genesis Special Edition Grey dual-channel 4GB DDR3 memory kits, designed for Intel’s newly launched Sandy Bridge platform. The Special Edition Grey will be available in 1600MHz and 2133MHz flavors initially.

GeIL EVOTWO, Patriot Sector 5: Ever Cheaper and Ever Faster DDR3 @ InsideHW

Description:After last month’s test of top-notch Kingston HyperX modules declared to 2333 and 2400 MHz, respectively, we’ve received similar Geil and Patriot modules for testing. Both are dual-channel kits of 2×2 GB, best compatible with Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs, at a voltage of 1.65 V. Specifications for both tested kits are largely the same.

OCZ exhibits semi-vapourware speed freak SDDs>

Description:The performance numbers are freaking fast with OCZ’s latest road-rocket SSD, the Vertex 3 Pro. But they are semi-vapourSSDware, demo CES devices with no prices and availability.

Exclusive colour photographs of Sapphire’s P67 board

Description:We’ve already shown you Sapphire’s mini-ITX Brazos board and no-one was overly surprised at seeing this motherboard, especially as Sapphire is a long term AMD partner. However, what we have for you today is an exclusive look at a not quite final P67 chipset motherboard from Sapphire, a product that many didn’t expect to launch.

Corsair SP2500 Gaming Soundsystem Review

Description:The new flagship from Corsair is ensured by the three-way speaker system called the SP2500 and is just gaming for the ultimate in
sound quality.

Kingston details USB 3.0 product plans for 2011

Description:Kingston Digital has revealed that it is boosting support for USB 3.0 in 2011. The company will develop a comprehensive suite of USB 3.0 flash drive solutions to meet the needs of users hopping onto the SuperSpeed USB bandwagon.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

Darth Vader invades CES 2011, unveils Star Wars Saga on Blu-ray

Description:This year’s CES is so huge that even the Star Wars Sith Lord, Darth Vader, has come to pay a visit. Yes, you heard right. Apparently, Lord Vader is there to promote the Star Wars Saga, all six episodes on Blu-ray. Better pre-order yours before you get force-choked to do so.

Creative announces new products at CES, claims to take audio experience to new levels

Description:When it comes to gaming and interpersonal communication, the importance of decent sound quality cannot be underestimated lest one wants to deal with various miscommunication quirks. That being said, Creative has announced in a press release that the company has got three new products available for consumers who can understand the importance of good audio.

Customize the Firefox 4 Interface With These Simple Tweaks

Description:Firefox 4 is expected to bring one of the most significant stylistic overhauls that the browser has undertaken since the initial transition from the old Mozilla suite. Although the final release is still a few weeks away, we’ve already had a taste of its look and feel thanks to the eight betas pushed out so far…

Sony makes things personal with 3D headset prototype

Description:One of the more interesting – and futuristic looking – 3D pieces of tech on show at CES 2011 is Sony’s prototype personal 3D headset. Looking like something out of Tron or an early iteration of Geordi LaForge’s visor from Star Trek:TNG, the 3D headset overcomes the problem of crosstalk experienced on 3D TVs with active shutter glasses by incorporating two OLED displays – one for each eye – offering 1280 x 720 pixels each.

Money Shot: The Blackberry Playbook Tablet

Description:Say what you want about its beta-fied OS, or the need to tether it to access its more powerful functions, the Playbook is Teh Hotness: beautifully built, quick, and just dead sexy. Check out our killer custom flyby video.

Watch Google Docs Videos Directly in Your Browser

Description:Google has launched a new feature in Google Docs that enables you to watch videos you’ve uploaded to your documents directly in the browser.

Gaming News

CES 2011: Razer Unveils Switchblade Portable Gaming

Description:It has been an exciting CES with lots of updates and Razer teases everyone with “Switchblade”. What is Switchblade? Razer quotes it as a revolution in PC gaming on a portable gaming device. More details after the break

Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 swings next month

Description:Nathan “Rad” Spencer has already been penciled in on the February 15 fight card for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but the cyborg swinger has another date to meet first.

Radiant Historia: Undoing Death to hit Nintendo DS on February 22

Description:Two children stare over an ocean of sand. They discuss their failure to save the world. One of many failures. Melancholic, but determined, the children decide to start again in hopes of preventing yet another disaster.

This is the chilling opening of Radiant Historia, a Japanese role-playing game from the folks at Atlus

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