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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 30 Mar 2011


In today's news roundup:

  • The fast-enough budget computer built and tested;
  • Review of Icy Dock MB877SK-B Tray-less 3.5-inch SATA Aluminum Hard Drive Mobile Rack;
  • Dell says Apple's iPad is bad for enterprise customers;
  • Today’s Facebook forecast: Cloudy with a chance of girlfriends;
  • Child of Eden gives you glowing hands , and
  •  Microsoft needs testers for new Xbox 360 disc format .

Hardware news

The Fast-Enough Budget Computer Built and Tested

Description: Recently, I wrote an op-ed piece here titled "The Fast Enough Computer". I argued that for gamers, low- to mid-range components provided the most bang for the buck and could readily play most modern games. The metric I used was "30 frames per second at 1680×1050".

Cubitek Tattoo Fire Review

Description: Cubitek is a very young contender on the build your one case market. With the Tattoo Fire they show an enclosure which should convice customers with a good looking design, some well thought features, as well as an attractive price.

Icy Dock MB877SK-B Tray-less 3.5-inch SATA Aluminum Hard Drive Mobile Rack

Description: The Icy Dock MB877SK-B is compatible with SATA I & II HDDs, but the latest updated version now includes support for SATA III 6Gb/s HDDs. Heat is not an issue for the Icy Dock MB877SK-B, with an aluminum body dissipating heat and a 40mm exhaust fan at the rear pulling out the hot air.

Patriot G2 Series DDR3 1600MHz (2x2GB) Memory Kit Review

Description: The Patriot G2 Series, Division 2 Edition DDR3 memory kits are specifically designed for the 2nd Generation Intel Core processors; Intel's 6 Series platform. The G2 Series delivers the high-performance PC gamers demand at price tags that are easy on the wallet.

AURAS Shagon' ARC-118 CPU Cooler Review

Description: This review we are going to be looking at today is of the Shagon' ARC-118 CPU cooler. This is a 92mm fan tower cooler that holds a unique look and color, while building coolers in the most eco friendly processes possible

HIS HD 6850 IceQ X Turbo Graphics Card Review

Description: The HIS IceQ X HD 6850 Turbo was nothing less than outright surprise. Not only did it look good, but it had the performance and overclocking to match.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Unboxing

Description: A look into the unboxing of Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, powered by Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread .

Dell says Apple's iPad is bad for enterprise customers

Description: Apple may have a secure hold on both the consumer and enterprise tablet markets, for now. But according to Dell's Andy Lark, Cupertino's gold-plated grip will inevitably let loose.

Expedia to release smartphone app to simplify hotel booking

Description: Expedia, the online site for booking hotels and other travel accommodations, will release an app for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows users to book a hotel within four steps by utilizing GPS tracking.

Nokia Files Second Complaint Against Apple in Patent Fight

Description: The new complaint involves seven patents that Nokia said Apple is using “to create key features in its products in the areas of multi-tasking operating systems, data synchronization, positioning, call quality and the use of Bluetooth accessories,” the Espoo, Finland-based handset maker said today.

Today’s Facebook forecast: Cloudy with a chance of girlfriends

Description: These days you can pull practically anything from the electronic ether — music, movies, email, documents, and now, a fake Facebook hottie to call your own. That is, if you sign up for Cloud Girlfriend.

Sina Replaces Google Search Engine On Portal

Description: Chinese Internet portal operator Sina Corp. has dropped Google Inc.'s search service from its website and is now using its own search technology, ending another of Google's deals in China after the U.S. company said earlier it would phase out its censored search contracts in the country.

Gaming news

Next Nintendo Console won't have 3D

Description: Nintendo has recently made its glasses-less 3D game console Nintendo 3DS available in US. The company's fifth home game console Wii is more than four years old and everyone seeks a worthy refresh.

Microsoft Needs Testers For New Xbox 360 Disc Format

Description: Microsoft is currently performing a series of tests on its new Xbox 360 disc format and is seeking multiple thousands of testers for the project.

Child of Eden Gives You Glowing Hands

Description: Kinect owners haven't had a lot to play of late, but that will change in a few months with the release of Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Child of Eden. Mizuguchi is the man behind such fan-fave rhythm games as Rez and Space Channel 5.

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