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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 29 June 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Nanya is claiming that the contract prices for DRAM could decline even further due to issues such as weak PC end-user demand and consequent inventory build-up at OEMs, and that prices may continue to fall in July;
  • AMD's next-generation Opteron microprocessors which are based off the Bulldozer microarchitecture will reportedly boast a new feature where by users can tweak the chip's maximum TDP, thus allowing them to strike a balance between power consumption and performance;
  • Netvolution has launched its very own Avenue App Store for Microsoft's desktop Windows operating system, in which users can browse through apps by popularity and category, and be informed about featured and new apps;
  • Eurocom Corporation has announced its support for the high-performance Killer Wireless-N 1102 high-performance wireless network adapter as another available wireless card option in its premium notebook solutions;
  • Blizzard announced the availability of a new 'Starter edition' of the popular World of WarCraft game, in which gamers will be allowed to play for free until their character reaches level 20, after which their levels will remain capped until the full version is purchased, and
  • PSP owners can expect to see more action from Lord "The Most Badass Freakin Overlord In the Cosmos" Zetta, for Nippon Ichi has confirmed that it will be porting the PS2 title, Makai Kingdom, over to Sony's handheld gaming console, and is expected to be released for sale on September 22.

Hardware news

Sentey Burton Full-Tower Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: The Sentey Burton GS-6500 is a full tower enclosure developed for enthusiasts who desire high performance and a sexy exterior. This case flaunts its multiple LED fans, and LED buttons, turning heads in the process. The Burton, is one of several models belonging to the Extreme Division line of computer cases, and it is available in 3 flavors; The GS-6500 in glossy black, the GS-6500B with blue highlights and grills, and the GS-6500R with red highlights and grills. It's pretty easy to glance at the exterior of this case and be charmed into submission…

DRAM contract prices may decline further, says Nanya
Description: Weak PC end-user demand and consequent inventory build-up at OEMs have put pressure on contract prices for DRAM, Nanya Technology has pointed out. Prices may continue to fall in July as OEM clients slow down their pace of orders, Nanya said.

TEAM Group TR1151 USB 3.0 42-in-1 USB 3.0 Card Reader Review
Description: USB 3.0, the big brother of the USB 2.0 bus standard which was introduced way back in 2000, is now here and in force after quickly gaining momentum in the market after both ASUS and GIGABYTE launched boards at CES 2010 with USB 3.0 chips onboard. As a quick recap, USB 3.0 claims to offer a ten times improvement over USB 2.0, which has a maximum bandwidth of 480Mbit/s or 60MB/s. USB 3.0 has a maximum bandwidth of 5Gbit/s or 625MB/s. While we are not sure if you would actually know someone who has achieved speeds this high, the potential is there as the products that make up USB 3.0 such as chips and devices ramp up in terms of performance.

Liteon iHES212 12x Internal Blu Ray Review – XSReviews
Description: Blu Ray might just be a stop gap before true HD streaming, but for now it’s one of the easier ways to get hold of high definition movies and other media; especially since it’s becoming more affordable. While they used to cost hundreds of pounds, now you can get yourself an internal one like the one we’re reviewing today for around £60. This one is the Liteon iHES212 12x Internal, let’s give it a look.

OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCIe SSD Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: OCZ gave everyone a hint of things to come at Computex 2011 with a sneak peak of the third generation of the RevoDrive. We've been impressed with our previous encounters with this SSD line and this time is no different as we give the RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCI-E SSD a test drive. Is it fast? Well, how does 1500MB/s reads grab you? Oh yeah, there's TRIM support too!

Adesto to sample CBRAM
Description: Adesto Technologies Corp. of Sunnyvale in California is sampling a completely new type of RAM called CBRAM. The CB stands for Conductive Bridging and the RAM differs from traditional DRAM in several important aspects. First of all CBRAM is non-volatile and secondly it scales well down to at least 12nm, where it is very difficult to manufacture traditional DRAM – to put it mildly.

AMD's Next-Generation Opteron "Bulldozer" Chips to Feature Adjustable TDP.
Description: Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation Opteron microprocessors based on Bulldozer micro-architecture will support capability to adjust maximum thermal design power (TDP). The technology will allow customers to regulate TDPs in order to balance power consumption and performance of data centers.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

Cooler Master NotePal Infinite EVO Notebook Cooler Review
Description: Even as far as fans go, I really thought I had seen it all. 80mm fan, 120mm fans, all the way up to a single 20mm fan; I have tested them all as far as standard fans go. If I remember correctly, I even tested a cooler with a rather large "squirrel cage" style fan that was the size of a hamster wheel. I also recall that that fan idea didn't work out too well and offered very little in the way of actual cooling to the laptop. This time around Cooler Master uses a blower style fan, or rather a pair of them, to do the cooling in the notebook cooler we received for testing.

With SkypeKit, Skype wants to be everywhere
Description: Skype opened up its development platform to all comers Tuesday, but it still has a disconnect between revenue generation and its platform efforts. Like many companies trying to build a dominant position in the technology ecosystem, Skype is navigating the path between dollars and devs.

Windows Gets an App Store of Its Own: Avenue
Description: Windows users, don’t you wish there was a vendor-agnostic, one-stop shop for downloadable software? Something with easily browsable categories, ratings, reviews and simple purchase options? Several companies are trying to make an Apple App Store-like software shop for Windows. Yesterday we noted the launch of Pokki, a store that puts mobile-style applets on the PC desktop. Avenue is a user friendly, lightning fast and immediately available option for fully functioning Windows apps.

Custom Firmware Alternatives For Your Wireless Router
Description: For most users a good wireless router is the one that you set up in a few easy steps and forget about it as long as it gets you online. But beyond the stock features that came with your router, there are many things that the hardware you bought might be capable of. Luckily for you, people have been working on ways to get the fancy stuff running on your average $60-$100 device. After a relatively simple upgrade to a free third-party firmware, you'll be able boost your wireless signal, prioritize what programs get your precious bandwidth, and do lots of other stuff usually reserved for pro-grade wireless routers.

Nvidia gets excited about Alienware notebooks
Description: And it's all thanks to its own GTX 580M GPU, the company says. You can buy the Alienware M18x notebook now if you're richer than the sense you have. There's an option to have two of the GPUs under the hood if it takes your fancy. Machines that feature the GTX 580M, says Nvidia, are among the fastest DirectX 11 machines you'll find on the market. It claims the GPUs offer up to six times the tessellation performance of "any other notebook GPU" along with a performance increase of 20 percent compared to the last lot.

The World's fastest Notebooks now support the World's fastest Wireless Card!
Description: Eurocom Corporation, a leading developer of long lifespan, fully upgradable notebooks, high performance mobile workstations, All-in-One desktops and mobile servers is announcing support for the Killer Wireless-N 1102 high-performance wireless network adapter as another available wireless card option in Eurocom systems. The addition of the Killer Wireless-N 1102 adapter by Bigfoot Networks gives Eurocom customers an ultra high-performance wireless card for their custom built notebook.

The HP TouchPad Will Come With Its Own Facebook Tablet App (Leaked Pics)
Description: The world has been waiting for an official Facebook tablet app, and waiting, and waiting. But that app may not appear on the iPad first (although Facebook is working on an iPad app for sure). Instead, Facebook’s first tablet app will appear on the HP TouchPad, which comes out this Friday and runs the WebOS it bought with Palm. This app was not built by Facebook but by HP, much like how RIM built the Facebook app for the Blackberry Playbook using Facebook platform

Gaming news

World of WarCraft is free until Level 20
Description: Sick of the 14-day trial in World of Warcraft ? There is a change for the better. Calling it the Starter edition, Blizzard will be making World of WarCraft free-to-play until your character reaches level 20 and their levels will remain capped until you purchase the full version.

Makai Kingdom conquering PSP in Japan this September
Description: Fans of Nippon Ichi strategy RPGs like the Disgaea series can definitely look forward to more of their favorite titles re-released for the PSP. The PS2 title Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (known as Phantom Kingdom in Japan) will be out for Sony's portable system in Japan on September 22.

OnLive Talking to Sony and Microsoft About Streaming Games
Description: The service offered by OnLive is quite intriguing, as it allows you to play games on any number of platforms. A high-end game plays just as well on the OnLive MicroConsole which hooks up to your TV as it does on your PC or laptop, regardless of the specifications of either computer. At E3, the company even demonstrated the ability to stream games on an iPad; figuring out a way to handle the controls on a touchscreen aside, it's impressive. Two places OnLive wouldn't mind also being available on are Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It might seem like a stretch, but it's in the process of speaking to both companies about possible support.

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