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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 27 May 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Leaked presentation slides have revealed some interesting information about AMD's plans for its Liano processors, with the world's second largest supplier of x86-based microprocessors reportedly planning to position its top-of-the-line Liano processors as competitors against Intel's higher-end Core i5 processors;
  • Word has it that NVIDIA may be unveiling its rumoured Synergy technology at Computex, which is reportedly the codename for the company's plans to bring its Optimus switchable graphics technology to the desktop;
  • Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has claimed that the company will continue to provide support for the Symbian operating system at least until 2016;
  • Amazon
  • appears to be heading for a clash of sorts with Apple by quietly releasing a "Mac Downloads Store" which reportedly offers certain major software titles which are not available for sale on Apple's official Mac App Store;
  • Sony has confirmed that it has already commenced development on the PlayStation 3's successor, although ir added that the current global economic crisis along with its own internal issues have result in significant budget cuts for the console's development lifespan, and
  • Rumour has it that Sony is intending to "scale down" the hardware spcifications of its highly anticipated NGP handheld video game console.

Hardware news

Leaked slides reveal new competitive roadmap for Llano
Description: Now this is interesting. Remember a few weeks ago, when a purportedly leaked AMD PowerPoint slide showed that AMD's Llano processors would only compete against Intel's Celeron, Pentium, and lower-end Core i3 processors? Well, some new, authentic-looking slides posted by the folks at NGOHQ completely contradict that information.

Corsair goes for "Max random 4K write" spec on SSDs
Description: One of our friends from retail/e-tail has drawn our attention to the new "maximum 4K random write specification" for the OCZ SSDs that is being added as we speak and it made us dig a bit deeper to see what is currently going on and why such a sudden change is actually happening.

Intel Would Be Glad to Manufacture Chips for Large Customers.
Description: Intel Corp. on Thursday officially confirmed that it would make custom chips for third parties if there is demand. As the company enters the 22nm and subsequent 14nm era amid strong competition from ARM, the world's largest chipmaker needs to ensure that all of its manufacturing capacities are utilized. But Intel believes that it can pick up the customers and work under certain conditions only.

Nvidia to talk about Synergy at Computex
Description: Word has come to SemiAccurate that Nvidia plans to talk about ‘Synergy’ at Computex, something we are told is the new name for Optimus on the desktop. A few weeks ago, Nvidia was shopping this to everyone that mattered, but it is questionable if there will be high uptake due to its cost.

In-Win BUC PC Gaming Case Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: The BUC from In-Win is a great little PC case with simple styling and features that make installation nearly effortless. Carrying a price tag under $100 we found that features like hot-swap drive bays an SuperSpeed USB 3.0 make this case one that is hard to ignore when shopping for budget gaming cases. Other features make the BUC a joy to use, so read on to see what the In Win BUC is all about!

$599 AMD Gaming PC Built and Tested
Description: At the start of the month we built a PC on a $599ish US budget and showed you the kind of performance it could offer in our $599 Gaming PC Built and Tested article. It all started when the NVIDIA GTX 550 Ti press kit said that the GTX 550 Ti was the perfect card for a $599 gaming PC. After the article went live, though, one of our fellow readers and TweakTown Facebook followers said we should do it again, but this time based on an AMD system. We thought that was a great idea and we spoke to both AMD and ASUS about getting some parts together to see within the same budget, what could they offer?

Sentey SS1-2421 Slim Series Case Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: The Sentey SS1-2421 case is part of Sentey’s Slim Series lineup and comes with a 450W SFX12V power supply. The Sentey SS1-2421 can house a micro-ATX or ITX motherboard and up to four low profile PCI devices as an HTPC or an office computer. The front panel LCD on the Sentey SS1-2421 slim tower case features an automatic fan controller, temperature monitor and HDD activity display. The Sentey SS1-2421 has a dark high-quality glossy finish and maintains aesthetic uniformity at the front through the use of a built-in flip-down optical drive bezel. Designed to be slim and compact, the Sentey SS1-2421 is ideal for as an office computer or an HTPC.

Zotac GTX 580 Amp! Edition Review – XSReviews
Description: While we might have been reviewing some high end AMD gear recently, the nVidia camp needs representing too. Fortunately Zotac have sent through one of their more powerful cards, the GTX 580 Amp! Edition. Let’s see how it stacks up in our benchmarks.

Consumer Electronics and Software news

Nokia to completely phase out Symbian by 2016
Description: In a recent interview Nokia CEO Stephen Elop announced that the Finnish phone maker would continue to offer Symbian support until 2016. Nokia is committed to Windows Phone as its primary operating system for new smartphones, but Symbian phones will continue to coexist with Windows phones for quite some time. Elop pointed out that the transition is continuing and that continued investment in Windows Phone can be expected.

ASUS PA246Q: Prosumer TFT or a Serious Amateur? @ InsideHW
Description: We’re witnessing an oversaturation of the wide-use monitor market. The price range has shrunk so much that something simply has to be pushed out on the cheaper end, while something new has to appear to refresh the more expensive one. ASUS’ PA246Q doesn’t seem connected to this story in any way at first. It’s clearly labelled Pro and has a red line on it, so that it matches a DSLR objective, which is all that pros look for, right? The frame around the display contains metric and imperial unit scales, while the stand is optimised for measuring swivel angle in degrees. A separate button, clearly labelled with a removable sticker, calls several different templates, such as the centimetre net or A4 paper format. These are displayed over the image coming from your PC, supposedly significantly speeding up some processes in the graphics editing department. How these are better than the graphics tools on your PC, and why anyone would change the DPI settings of the PC to match those of the monitor, just so as to approximately place the image onto a rarely used paper format in professional publications, remains a mystery to us…

SteelSeries 6GV2 Keyboard Review on Technic3D (German)
Description: (Machine translation) The SteelSeries 6GV2 Keyboard arrived Technic3D. SteelSeries 6Gv2 is built with mechanical no-click switches and have no window key. Technic3D will see the complete functions in the following Review

Mach Xtreme MX-GX USB 3.0 16GB Thumb Drive Review
Description: It's been awhile since we looked at a thumb drive, but it's time to get back into the thick of things. Over the coming days we'll see three of the latest and greatest USB 3.0 thumb drives that are capable of holding large amounts of data and transferring that data at high speeds. The last drive we looked at was the Mach Xtreme MX-FX; today we are looking at Mach Xtreme's newest offering, the MX-GX.

Verbatim Store 'n' Go FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 for Mac Review @ DragonSteelMods
Description: For today’s review we will look at an external drive targeted at the Mac market the Store 'n' Go FireWire 800/USB 3.0 for Mac portable hard drive. This portable 2.5 hard drive uses some of the fastest drive interfaces available in Firewire 800 and USB 3.0.

Amazon takes on Mac App Store with "Mac Downloads Store"
Description: Amazon quietly launched an extension to its software download store, adding a range of just over 250 software and game titles for Mac OS X. While Amazon has some major titles that haven't yet made it into the Mac App Store, its service doesn't offer all the same conveniences as Apple's.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 tablet shows on stores before unveiling
Description: Lenovo's upcoming IdeaPad K1 tablet with Android 3.0 onboard is showing up on retailer sites, including Buy.com. The device hasn't yet officially been dated, and the sites lack a price and a shipping schedule. They also differ on basic specs from earlier reports.

Gaming news

Sony Confirms Development of PS4, Cuts PlayStation Development Budget.
Description: Sony Corp. has confirmed that it had initiated development of the next-generation PlayStation video game console. At the same time, the company admitted that due to global economic crisis along with its own business problems, it would not invest the same amounts of money into the PlayStation 4 as it did in case of the PS3.

Resistance Dual Pack Details Revealed
Description: With Resistance 3 coming this September, Sony figures they'd give you a chance to play the first two with all sorts of added goodies.

NGP specs scaled down?
Description: French site claims Sony has halved portable's RAM to 256MB, ditched 16GB internal flash memory; tiered prices set at $350, $250; launch coming early 2012 in West.

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