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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 27 Jan 2011

In today's news: AMD counters NVIDIA's GTX 560Ti with two graphics cards: a Radeon HD 6950 1GB and XFX’s Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition; Intel reveals plans to invest in hardware-based antivirus; Facebook finally adds support for the HTTPS protocol; images of HTC's latest smartphones and slates leak out on cyberspace, and SGCafe presents a live blog of Sony's next generation Playstation Portable.

Hardware News

Corsair Air Series A50 CPU Cooler Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: Excessive heat is the enemy of all processors, and the Corsair Air Series A50 CPU coolers sole purpose in life it to help extend the lifetime of your CPU by quietly and efficiently drawing that heat away. The Corsair A50 CPU Cooler can be found for just $20 shipped right now as well, which makes is a cost sensible upgrade for those still running the CPU cooler they got with their system. Join us as we put it on our Intel Core i7 test system and see how it holds up.

ASUS Crosshair IV Extreme Review @ ocaholic
Description: With the Crosshair IV Extreme ASUS presents its flagship motherboard regarding AMD's 890FX chipset. It awaits overclockers and enthusiasts with lots of features and the additional onboard HydraLogix chip by Lucid, that we fully tested with latest Hydra Engine drivers and up to three graphic cards, seems to be a promising addition.

AMD Spring 2011 Phenom II Lineup, plus Noctua NH-D14 Review @ Rage3D.com
Description: AMD launched several new processors this month, and we've got Noctua's monstrous NH-D14 CPU cooler to keep their temps out of the red zone. AMD is realigning their cores and branding to accommodate APUs, and prepare for Bulldozer – check out how the fastest ever AMD quad core performs with a beastly twin tower dual fan cooler.

Foxconn P67A-S, H67A-S vs. Intel DP67BG, DH67BL Mainboard Review on Technic3D (German)
Description: (Machine translation) The Foxconn P67A-S, Foxconn H67A-S and Intel DP67BG, Intel DH67BL Mainboards arrived Technic3D. We check the Mainboards with Intel P67, H67 chipset functions and Performance in the following Review with a Intel Core i7 2600k CPU on Windows 7 64Bit

The Fast Enough Computer (Editorial) @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: While I have not yet and may never recover from my addiction to having the Biggest Fastest Most Expensive computer parts I can afford, the experience I've gained writing for this website over the past year or so has hammered home the lesson that most of the time, I'm just wasting my money. And you probably are, too.

Zalman ZM-PCM1 / ZM-VPM1 CPU AND VGA Power Consumption Meters Review @ Tweaknews
Description: All-in-all, Zalman has targeted a relatively limited niche of PC enthusiasts with these products. If you're the kind of user who demands the kind of information that these devices can provide, I'm unaware of any other options that are this easily installed. They are also well executed and attractive additions to the front panel that work as advertised. Just be aware of their limitations…

Intel Develops Hardware-Based Antivirus to Stop Even Unknown Malware
Description: While antivirus software gets updated fairly quickly to oppose even the newest malware, sometimes viruses manage to infect a large amount of computers in just a few hours while the cure is in development process. Intel Corp. said in an interview that it was developing a special purely hardware mechanism that will withstand even unknown malware…

AMD’s GTX 560 Ti Counter-Offensive: Radeon HD 6950 1GB & XFX’s Radeon HD 6870 Black Edition
Description: Today was originally supposed to be about the newly released GeForce GTX 560 Ti – NVIDIA’s new GF114-based $250 video card. Much as was the case with the launch of AMD’s Radeon HD 6800 series however, AMD is itching to spoil NVIDIA’s launch with their own push. Furthermore they intend to do so on two fronts: directly above the GTX 560 Ti at $259 is the Radeon HD 6950 1GB, and below it one of many factory overclocked Radeon HD 6870 cards…

Consumer Electronics and Software news:

Intel To Open Cloud Computing Research Center At Stanford, Will Invest $100M In University Research
Description: Intel Labs is opening up its deep pockets once again today, announcing a $100 million cash investment in U.S. university research over the next 5 years. The company plans to develop and open several branded “Intel Science and Technology Centers” at a number of universities for sponsored research and innovation throughout 2011…

Facebook Finally Adds HTTPS Support
Description: Facebook has finally added the ability to access the site via a HTTP Secure (HTTPS) connection, which should drastically increase security for users…

HTC's Next Android Phone Gets Spotted on Chinese Train
Description: Looks like a HTC employee was a little too confident when playing with his as-yet-unannounced Android phone. The photos seem to match previously-leaked photos of what's being dubbed HTC's next flagship handset.

HTC's buttonless slate spotted in the furry wilds
Description: A second HTC phone to escape the netherworld of disputed renders has just been discovered. This touchscreen slate for Verizon lacking a front-side camera was last seen in the Pocketnow leak but is now snuggled up with a Harrods bear in a Chinese user forum. How cozy…

Google hopes to fix weak growth of Android Market app purchases
Description: Google is reportedly unhappy with the slow growth of commercial application sales in the Android Market. We have some thoughts about the problems with Google's payment platform and the reasons why sales are slow.

Fujitsu brings out new ScanSnap S1100 ultra-portable
Description: Fujitsu has revamped its ultra-portable scanner, debuting the ScanSnap S1100 at Macworld 2011. The bar-shaped scanner now weighs just 12.3 ounces and measures 10.74 inches long by 1.87 inches wide and 1.33 inches tall, making it possible to easily carry it in a briefcase or purse, and requires only a single USB port for power. The scanner now includes direct uploading of scans to Evernote or Google Docs, can automatically add pictures to Apple's iPhoto and can also convert scans into editable Word or Excel files or searchable PDFs…

LG G-Slate said to have a display comparable to the iPad
Description: While most folks are busy dreaming of what it would be like to try the upcoming LG G-Slate, Eldar Murtazin of mobile-review seems to already have gotten his hands on it and given some feedback via Twitter. According to him, the tablet features a really good display that is comparable with the iPad. The NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor inside is also said to be fast enough and it will retail for around EUR500. Previous information hinted that the G-Slate would feature a front-facing camera, HDMI and microUSB ports and a long battery life, thanks to its 6,300mAh battery pack.

Gaming news:

ROCCAT Kova+ Review @ Vortez
Description: ROCCAT had a tremendous 2010, introducing some of the finest gaming products to the market with a keen eye for innovation and proficiency. Kick-starting 2011 we have ROCCAT's first product to launch, namely the Kova[+]. Just like the Kone[+], the Kova[+] is a successor to its originator the Kova which was a mouse centered around oldschool gamers – those that wanted impressive feedback but a basic shell. No customisation, no driver software. But things are about to change.

PlayStation Meeting 2011 Live Blog
Description: SGCafe presents the live blog of Sony's announcement of the next-gen Playstation Portable

Uncharted (working title) Reveal Trailer 1
Description: Hot from Japan, we've got the first details of Nathan Drake's first outing on Sony's Next Generation Portable.

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