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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 14 Jan 2011

In today’s news roundup: NVIDIA’s mobile GPU, the GeForce GTX 485M, has been spotted in both single-chip and SLI configurations in Eurocom’s line of performance notebooks; interesting information about Intel’s Sandy Bridge microarchitecture has been revealed; Apple has scored a patent for solar-powered chargers; Adobe is reportedly taking steps to give users more control over Flash cookies, and Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata hopes to implement 3D recording capabilities into future Nintendo handheld consoles.

Hardware News

Eurocom launches NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 485M in Notebooks

Description:Eurocom is now supporting NVIDIA Geforce GTX 485M in single and SLI configurations. The addition of the newest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M gives Eurocom customers an even greater choice of GPU’s to power the Panther 2.0 with a graphics card to fit every performance level.

NZXT Sentry LXE External Fan Controller Review at Overclockers Online

Description:Advertised as a “high performance touch screen fan controller”, the NZXT Sentry LXE does not disappoint. Supporting up to five fans and the ability to monitor the temperature at five locations, it is a powerful device that literally puts control at your fingertips. The external touchscreen looks good and exudes a very high-tech feel. It is intuitive to use and does what it is supposed to do and does it very well. Its stylish looks are also a plus.

Fun Facts: Intel’s Sandy Bridge Processors

Description:For the launch of their 2nd-gen Intel Core CPUs (a.k.a. Sandy Bridge), Intel has compiled another interesting list of fun facts. We have selected the ones we find more amusing and are republishing them with Intel’s permission.

Carmack: Nvidia’s Project Denver Will Be Good

Description:id Software mastermind John Carmack seems equally excited about Nvidia’s Project Denver, enough so to show his support via Twitter. “I have quite a bit of confidence that Nvidia will be able to make a good ARM core,” he said. “Probably fun for their engineers.”…

MSI Announces New N500GTX Twin Frozr II Series Graphics Cards

Description:Globally-renowned graphics card and mainboard manufacturer MSI today officially unveils its N500 series of graphics card featuring the award-winning Twin Frozr II Thermal Design. The Twin Frozr II Thermal Design has garnered unanimous praise from professional media and end-users for providing the best balance between cooling performance and lowest sound levels…

CES 2011: Qualcomm Demos Snapdragon MSM8660

Description:Qualcomm gave us a demo of the next generation Snapdragon development platform, with a Snapdragon MSM8x60 processor inside. The MSM8x60 has two Scorpion cores clocked at 1.2GHz and the Adreno 220 GPU, is built on the 45 nm process, and is set to show up in smartphones and tablets later this year.

x86 and MIPS to Seriously Challenge ARM in Smartphones

Description:The rise of the high-performance mobile devices, including smartphones and slate PCs, will inevitably catalyze developers of x86 chips to create more power-efficient processors and designers of ARM-based solutions to improve performance of their offerings. Naturally, developers of MIPS-based products will also try to challenge both ARM and x86 in the coming years.

Consumer Electronics and Software News

Apple Obtains Patent For Solar-Powered Devices

Description:Are we going to be seeing solar-charged iPhone and iPads in the near future? This could become a reality if Apple executes on a recently awarded patent that describes solutions for charging a variety of devices (including laptops, tablet devices or mobile phones) via solar pow

Samsung holding back Android updates to drive sales

Description:Samsung is rumoured to be deliberately holding back the update to Android 2.2, FroYo, on its Vibrant smartphone to drive sales of its upcoming Vibrant 4G, which will come with the newer version of the operating system.

Thermaltake eSports MEKA G1 Keyboard @ Benchmark Reviews

Description:Tt eSports is Thermaltake’s gaming division focusing on gaming peripherals and accessories and also the gaming culture, their latest entry is the MEKA G1 KB-MEG005US mechanical gaming keyboard. Mechanical keyboards made with the purpose of gaming are fast becoming popular and there are a good handful of companies marketing their wares if you know where to look…

Motorola’s Crazy Docking Phone Atrix Landing March 1st?

Description:We loved Motorola’s Atrix phone at CES, which docks into a PC for properly sci-fi computing. But when oh when will we get our hands on it? According to some leaked AT&T docs, it’ll be launching at the carrier on March the 1st. That’s not too long to wait, is it? There’s also the added advantage of it being after the Mobile World Congress trade show in February, which is the cellphone highlight of the year.

Adobe to finally give users better control over Flash cookies

Description:Flash cookies have been causing Internet users some privacy trouble as of late, so Adobe has been working on ways to make it easier for people to block and delete them.

HTC buttonless smartphone could be running Android Honeycomb

Description:When HTC Sync update came about few days ago, pictures of HTC Thunderbolt, Merge and a mysterious smartphone were seen. And it looks like the unknown phone has no buttons and could be running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb).

The special one-day Apple shopping event is here!

Description:It’s less than three weeks till the Year of the Tiger makes way for the Year of the Rabbit, and Apple has given us ample reason to celebrate early by slashing prices in the online Apple Store.

Gaming News

3DS may record 3D video…eventually

Description:Nintendo president Satoru Iwata would like to include functionality with “future updates” of forthcoming handheld.

PS3 Piracy Could Eclipse PSP

Description:The recent cracking of the PlayStation 3’s previously watertight security measures could prove seriously problematic for Sony according to industry figures, with the console opening itself up for piracy on a similar scale to that seen on the PSP.

Sony claims upcoming PSP2 is more powerful than PS3

Description:According to trade site MCV, Sony has reportedly been telling game developers that the upcoming PSP2 will be as powerful, or better, than a PS3. According to publishers, the PSP2 will be announced at the next E3.

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