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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 04 Mar 2011

And rounding up the news for the week:

  • Review of the Patriot XRB 64GB Solid State Drive;
  • Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium AIW5000 review;
  • Microsoft's Bing launches deals service;
  • Sony says PS3 consoles seized in Netherlands , and
  • Epic Would “Love” to Bring Gears of War series to PlayStation .

Hardware News:

Patriot XRB 64GB SSD review

Description: SSDs are expensive. However, you can help alleviate this wallet pressure by getting one without too much storage space. Today we look at one of the smallest available SSD sizes, a 64GB from Patriot known as the Torqx TRB.

Evercool Battle Hero NP-611 Review

Description: The Battle Hero with its bold graphics is squarely aimed at gamers. Solid aluminum construction gives it a solid feel and also helps to dissipate heat. Pop out storage drawers and twin cooling fans should keep most people satisfied beyond just the cooling performance.

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 560Ti AMP! Edition DirectX 11 Video Card Review

Description: The Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! is a heavily pre-overclocked video card. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti AMP! Edition’s core clock weighs in at 950 MHz, 128 more from the stock 822 MHz. The Zotac GTX 560 Ti’s memory clock also gets bumped up from 4004 MHz to 4400 MHz.

Diamond All-In-Wonder HD Premium AIW5000

Description: The HD Premium 5000 (aka AIW5000) bundles an ATI HD5570 graphics card with an ATI HD 750 tuner. This duo has the power to handle the most frequently used video signals for viewing, recording and other routine multimedia tasks.

NZXT Sentry LXE Touch Screen Fan Controller Review

Description: NZXT's Sentry LXE is a unique and well-executed product that allows the PC enthusiast a wide range of monitoring and fan control options in an attractive remote unit. The fit and finish is excellent and the functionality is first-rate with an intuitive layout incorporated into the touch screen LCD display.

Consumer Electronics and Software News:

Microsoft's Bing launches deals service

Description: The company announced the service, which is available only in the US, on the Bing blog yesterday. The post said that Bing deals will launch with “more than 200,000 unique offers in over 14,000 cities and towns across the US”.

Wave Of Massive DDoS Attacks Rock WordPress.com

Description: A wave of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have targeted popular blogging site WordPress.com, the site and security researchers said.

Sony says PS3 consoles seized in Netherlands

Description: Sony has admitted that PlayStation 3 consoles have been seized by customs officers in the Netherlands.

Grace Digital Micro System Wi-Fi Stereo Shelf System

Description: The system consists of a head or base unit and two bookshelf style speakers that combine to make decent little audio system. It’s also an alarm clock with a built-in snooze button so the system can even wake you up. The Micro System allows you instant access to hundreds of channels of music so you’ll always find something for you or your family and friends to listen to.

Company: Dozens of South Korean websites attacked

Description: A top South Korean cybersecurity company says about 40 government and private websites are under cyberattack.

Gaming News:

Torchlight XBLA Review

Description: The ex-Blizzard employees of Runic Games, have done the unthinkable and brought their 2009 PC sleeper hit Torchlight to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Epic Would “Love” to Bring Gears to PlayStation

Description: The Gears of War series has appeared exclusively on the Xbox 360 for four years, but that hasn’t deterred Epic’s desire to get the third-person shooter onto PlayStation.

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