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The Daily VR-Zone News Summary – 01 Mar 2011

In today's news roundup:

  • Intel's unlocked i7-2600K processor gets reviewed;
  • AMD claims that Intel's Thunderbolt is 'just another proprietary interface',
  • Samsung is reportedly planning a Galaxy Tab 2 launch on March 22;
  • Images of Apple's iPad 2 appears to have been leaked out before its official launch;
  • Our sister site SGCafe has a quick hands on with the new Crysis 2 demo, and
  • Thousands of PlayStation 3 consoles have been seized in the EU, ostensibly due to an ongoing dispute between LG and Sony over Blu-ray copyright infringement claims

Hardware News:

Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro CPU Cooler Review @ Legit Reviews
Description: The sound level rating that Arctic Cooling used for the Freezer 13 Pro is the Sone. The Sone is a perceived level of sound; it is not like dB ratings. Since there is no direct conversion, in a roundabout way, 0.4 Sone is roughly equivalent to 24 dBA. Now the Scythe fans I use in the test bench for top exhaust are rated 1200RPM and push 68.5 CFM at 24dBA. In my testing I found the Freezer 13 Pro’s fans to sound the same or quieter as the Scythe fans; I know I could not hear the Freezer 13 Pro over the Scythe fans…

Increasing processor efficiency by matching power with demand
Description: As more and more devices go mobile and these devices become more and more powerful, chipmakers must also take the energy efficiency into account. Harvard graduate student Wonyoung Kim has developed and demonstrated an on-chip, multi-core voltage regulator (MCVR) that he says could allow the creation of "smarter" smartphones, slimmer laptops and more energy efficient data centers by more closely matching the power supply to the demand of the chip.

Intel I7-2600K Sandybridge Processor Review @ Tweaknews
Description: After several weeks testing and trying out Intel's Core i7-2600k Sandybridge processor, there isn't a whole lot to say other than it's relatively cheap, it's fast and it's extremely overclockable. When a processor comes in just over US$300 and is this fast, NO ONE can complain

Apevia X-Fit-100 Mini-ITX Case Review @Hi Tech Legion
Description: One lucky case in the Mini-ITX market is the Apevia X-Fit-100 Mini-ITX Case. The X-Fit-100 offers a slim profile and sleek look that will work with any mini-ITX application. There is enough space to fit a 2.5" hard drive, slim optical drive, and a low profile PCI card. The X-Fit-100 comes equipped with a Apevia Flex ATX 250W power supply, which is more than enough for a mini-ITX system. There are vents on the top and sides that help expel heat and keep the case quiet. The X-Fit-100 also has a sturdy build, constructed from 0.7mm metal SECC. The style and finish is black, which matches perfect with most people's decor.

ARM strikes microcontroller licensing deals
Description: ARM has announced two strategic partnerships in the microcontroller (MCU) market with an aim to strengthening ties and developing on the technologies.

Enermax ErPRO 80+ -350W PSU Review on Technic3D (German)
Description: (Machine Translation) The Enermax ErPRO 80+ -350W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU with two +12V rails (17A), 120mm Twister Fan, 6x SATA hard disk connectors and 1x PCI-e 6+2-Pin.

Seventeam V-Force 650w Preview – XSReviews
Description: While we may have reviewed this unit before and we may not be doing full PSU reviews unless we have access to the proper equipment, that doesn't stop us doing a quick unboxing and feature analysis preview right? So here we have the Seventeam V-Force 650w ST-650Z-AF. Let's, you know, open the box and look at it; and stuff. "

AMD Does Not Believe in Intel's Thunderbolt.
Description: Advanced Micro Devices, the second largest supplier of x86 microprocessors on the globe and the designer of half of the world's discrete graphics adapters, said that Intel Corp.'s recently introduced Thunderbolt input/output technology will become just another proprietary standard with not a lot of chances to be adopted widely. The chip designer also doubted that the TB actually brings any tangible improvements.

Consumer Electronics and Software News:

Samsung To Launch 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab on March 22?
Description: Samsung has announced a special March 22 event where it’s very likely to unveil a new, 8.9-inch version of its Galaxy Tab tablet.

Fujitsu shows off wireless PC display at CeBIT
Description: Many of us can now wirelessly stream images from a computer to a screen over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi without too much trouble, but the display is still inevitably powered by cables. At CeBIT 2011, Fujitsu is showing off a working prototype of a 22-inch computer display that receives both images and power wirelessly. The power transfer is made possible by magnetic induction technology – similar to Powermat chargers – that's concentrated into hotspots built into office furniture or conference tables.

OKI Adds a Flair of Colour to its Dot Matrix Printer Range
Description: Blisteringly fast, printing up to 700cps (characters per second) the ML5700eco Series is a range of reliable, high performance desktop dot matrix printers all with truly versatile paper handling and low energy consumption. A first for OKI, the ML5700eco Series incorporates a convenient front paper feed to complement rear, bottom and top paper inputs for maximum flexibility. Included as standard is a multi-position tractor feed unit to make feeding continuous paper, single or multi-part, easy and straightforward.

Tobii unveils the world’s first eye-controlled laptop
Description: Tobii Technology today unveiled the world’s first laptop with integrated eye control. The prototype laptop has been developed in collaboration with computer manufacturer Lenovo and will be shown publicly for the first time at CeBIT in Hannover, March 1-5.

Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D Speaker System @ Benchmark Reviews
Description: Antec has dominated the computer chassis market for more than a decade, and with many of their customers slowly converting to portable platforms it makes good business sense to diversify the product portfolio. Enter soundscience, a subsidiary of Antec, that is dedicated to audiophile-level products for use on multiple platforms. The soundscience rockus 2.1 speaker system features 3Dsst sound technology, which makes use of 3D-audio optimized solid aluminum satellite drivers and an active subwoofer with passive radiator to create an extended low frequency response. In this article, Benchmark Reviews tests the Antec SoundScience Rockus 3D speaker system against the Logitech Speaker System Z623 and see how well it works for gaming consoles.

Did The iPad 2 Just Leak Out?
Description: Is this the iPad 2? Nearly everything lines up with the leaked info: flat back with tapered edges, speaker in the bottom corner, camera up top. It even matches-up with most of the leaked cases. If it’s not the real thing, it’s a damn good render. I’m sold.

Gaming News:

PS3 shipments halted in Europe as Sony, LG fight over Blu-ray patent
Description: Sony's court troubles currently involve more than just tracking down hackers. According to a report from the Guardian, shipments of PlayStation 3s are being confiscated by European customs officers as Sony fights a patent battle with LG over Blu-ray.

Quick Look: Crysis 2 Multiplayer Demo
Description: It is time to put on your nanosuit and have a feel of Crysis 2 PC demo. The PC multiplayer download is now available on the official site, that offers 2 maps available for online play. Pier 17 and Skyline.

Valve is Bringing Steam to the Living Room with Big Picture Mode
Description: PC gamers that prefer playing video games on the big screen will soon be able to take Steam from their monitors to their televisions. Valve announced its "big picture" plan for Steam today, responding to consumer requests to make the online gaming platform available in more places. Read More »

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