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The Amiigo Fitness Tracker Does It All

The 'Amiigo' fitness tracker is a cutting edge development outperforming all other fitness monitors.  Not only is it capable of monitoring your exercise, but also it can precisely determine what you are doing with extreme accuracy.

Exercise gimmicks are a dime a dozen these days, but once in a while something different pops up that is a cut above the rest.  Designers call it the ‘Amiigo’, and this very inconspicuous bracelet can track all of your exercise movements, and quite remarkably it can see the difference in what you are doing.

Amiigo began as an idea that was promoted at the startup site, indiegogo.com.  In describing the product, its designers said they wanted a small device that would allow people to look into the details of their exercise routine and see what was happening with their bodies.

“We wanted to allow users to track specific things like; exercise type, reps, sets, duration, speed, and intensity,” reads the Amiigo page in part. “Amiigo also tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels, skin temperature, overall activity level, and calories burned.” 

The device looks very simple and comes in two parts, which are a shoe clip and bracelet; however, it is the software powering the device that makes it so incredible.  Using ‘gesture recognition’ the Amiigo connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your mobile device and processes the data received. 

Abe Carter, who serves as co-founder of the Amiigo, says that their software team was able to come up with a set of complex algorithms that can interpret acceleration data made by the user into nearly unlimited variations of the activity being performed.  The device is so precise that it can even differentiate between someone running in place as opposed to running down the sidewalk.

Amiigo automatically understands your running speed, number of exercise reps performed at any time and even the intensity of your workout.  The data is then instantly compiled and cataloged to be compared with past exercise data.   That workout data can then be studied in a mobile device for evaluation, or changes could be made to the workout or routine in question if you are not happy with what you see.

The real fun begins when you can compare your progress towards a goal with friends who use an Amiigo as well.  By comparing your fitness data with others, you can promote a fun exercise plan or competition with a partner, your family or maybe your co-workers. 

The makers of the Amiigo say that it works with the iPhone 4S and above as well as most Android models supporting BLE.  A pledge of $99 (U.S.) will get you a standard black colored bracelet and for 20 dollars more you can get it in any basic colors you like. 

Since the Amiigo’s main objective was reaching $90,000, they have far exceeded that.  With over 30 days left to go they are quickly approaching nearly $250,000 in pledges.

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