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The 3G Revolution: Nokia Smart Phone 6630

The Graphic Interface

The size of the screen is the same as the Nokia7610 and they probably are using the same LCD. This is still a Symbian 60 series so the overall outlook is the same as any Symbian 60 series phone. But some how the responsiveness of this phone compared to the Nokia6600 and the Nokia7610 seems to be much faster. Could it be due to it having a faster processor or dual processor? Or is Nokia also using HyperThreading Processors on its phone? According to some sources the brain of this phone comes with CPU: 220mhz ARM9 / RAM: 7MB free. This is double the speed and a much bigger RAM size as well.

I did not have the opportunity to load any third-party application to have a feel of what it can really do but the default apps does response better. But from other reviews which you would find e.g. http://mobile-review.com/review/nokia-6630-en.shtml The application that comes with the phone seems to be a whole load of treats and tricks

The Camera
Well the 1.23mega pixel camera does give it a great advantage compared to other phones. But what is the Big Deal you might ask. Since the Screen is so small and there is basically not much use of a higher resolution picture on the phone unless you upload it to a PC and view it from there. But hey…At this kind of resolution, if you print it out on3R or 4R, the printed quality just makes it just right. A piece of new for you people: Go hunt down a BT enabled Printer and your phone pics can be easily printed via BT. Trust me… the print out is pretty decent, just as long you do not be all picky about it.


This baby is build for MP3 and the ear piece given is Stereo. YES, a pretty decent MP3 play I might add. The only bummer is that this phone uses RS-MMC, and price of RS-MMC is still pretty high compared to MMC, CF…etc. The playback to the speaker is relative but it does sound a bit better. The volume is decent thus making ring tone audible as well. (the Nokia7650 was horrible)

Enhanced functionality

Unlike other phones based on the symbian operating system, this phone was made to be usable without a SIM card. I received this phone with a fully charged battery and to my surprise, I was able to use it at that very instance without inserting a Sim card, just like a pda. All other Symbian handphones from Nokia require a third party application for this. This phone also comes with a whole slew of accessories like a BT QWERTY Keyboard (Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W), The BT Pen (Nokia Digital Pen SU-1B) and even more Imaging Devices (see below).

Pictures from : http://mobile-review.com/review/nokia-6630-en.shtml

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