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The 3G Revolution: Nokia Smart Phone 6630

There is nothing fantastic about this phone in terms of looks.It is basically a bad evolution of the Nokia 7650 >> 3650 >> 6600 >> 7610 >>, and i definitely preferred the looks of it’s predecessors, but there must be some reason for this design. This basically shorten the Nokia 3650 and replaced the keypad to the generic layout with some minor changes. The slight wider round bottom of this phone actually made it easier to hold while you happily SMS away.

The buttons are closely placed together but the positioning and the bulged out buttons somehow just work wonders. The other buttons are also easily accessible compared to the Nokia 6600. The Nokia 6600 had some of the buttons place further away from the numeric keys. It is just took sometime to get used to but the Nokia6630 definitely improved in keypad department. The 5-way navigation button is also much better then the Nokia 7610, although personally I do feel that the Nokia 7650 and 6600 have better navigation sticks compared to the one used in this phone.

The main difference in looks on the reverse side must be the BIGGER area catered for the Camera Lens. Being a 1.23 Mega Pixel camera I suppose the emphasis of this larger Lens is “required”. On the top of the phone you’ll find the speakers. Yes, the slit on the top is the speakers. Anyone could have easily mistaken it for the Memory card slot.

This phone is memory expandable with the help of a RS-MMC. But the good thing now is the RS-MMC is now Hot-swappable and easily accessible without the terrible need to switch off the phone and take out the battery before you’re able to access the rs-mmc slot. The memory slot is just on the right side of the phone, as illustrated in the picture above.

Picture from : http://mobile-review.com/review/nokia-6630-en.shtml

This phone has it’s very own range of Nokia Xpress-on™ covers (Red, Green, Blue and Beige). The cover is easily peeled off with your fingernail, else you might just want to ask the lady in the house for some assistance. The overall build quality of the phone is pretty sturdy and like all Nokia phones (current Models) the back cover still takes abit of practice to get it opened.

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