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Thanko’s Face-up Bed Desk allows full laptop use even while lying down

Thanko has unveiled their new face-up bed desk, a convenient support tool that allows you to keep using the laptop efficiently even while lying down.

People who uses their laptops while in bed might be delighted with this new little invention by Japanese tech accessory company Thanko. Called the face-up bed desk ("napping" desk), it is basically a foldable and adjustable desk made of aluminum that can hold your laptops at any angular position. It is designed to be capable of adjusting any standard notebook computer at any desired position, no matter where you are.

The main body of the face-up bed desk is made up of adjustable jointed arms, which allows height positioning for the unit. The small table or desk at the center can be turned, providing the adjustment for the laptop's orientation. While it is advertised by default to allow the use of laptops while lying down, the positioning freedom that it has also allows it to be used for situations where there is no available flat ground or desk to place the laptop on.

When fully folded, the face-up bed desk stays as a single thin block, making it easy to store and carry around. The dimensions of the item when it is folded are set at 585 x 40 x 300 mm, and weighs 1.6 kg. It can support a maximum weight of 12 kg when the desk is upright, and 6 kg when it is upside down.

There were actually earlier versions of the bed desk designed and released by Thanko before. Unlike the back-connecting desk joints of the face-up version though, these were designed with its desk-linking joints connected at the desk's front part, and were instead made to keep the laptop in an upright position.

Thanko has announced to release the face-up bed desk as a limited edition item. It will be available on their Thanko Rare Item Shop for 5,980 yen (around 76 USD).

Source: PCWatch, Thanko (JP)

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