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Tesla Motors CEO envisions transporting people at speed of sound with Hyperloop

Elon Musk, PayPal founder and current chief of Tesla Motors, has proposed a new mean of connecting Los Angeles and San Francisco.  The “Hyperloop” transport system, as it’s being called, will shuttle people back and forth at speeds that are faster than the speed of sound.


The Hyperloop shuttles are actually pods that travel inside low pressure tubes designed to exert minimal amounts of friction.  Musk believes that the Hyperloop system will be capable of ferrying passengers every 30 seconds using a 70 pod system.  As for thrill factors, Musk compares the supposed speed of sound trip to a kid’s ride at a popular theme park.

“It’s like getting a ride on Space Mountain at Disney Land,” said Musk.


Now that the idea has been thrown onto the table, it’s just a matter of finding investors.  According to the proposal, (USD) $6 billion will make possible a people-only system, whereas, for just $4 billion more the people of California can have a more spacious cargo and people system.

There are, of course, many other factors such as geological obstacles and government regulations to overcome—in addition to funding—before such a transport system can even be considered as viable.  Musk believes that Hyperloop can be added to the current methods of transport—cars, train, planes—to create a better future.

“You want the future to be better than the past—or at least I do, quite a bit,” he said last week at a Google-sponsored entrepreneur event.

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