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Terraria Console’s Adaptation Review

Terraria is an indie game that incorporates many traditional elements of many different genres, blending them together in a unique and intuitive way to bring a wholly entertaining experience.

Terraria is a game that is slow-paced and appeals to many classic gaming sensibilities, from early golden-age NES platformers to that distinct 8-bit style. The game itself is a hallmark in the world of gaming and has since become an indie sensation and is beloved by gamers worldwide for its combination of original elements and traditional aspects of some of our favorite games.

The developers at Re-Logic have fashioned something that only gets better with time; Terraria is a game you can keep playing for quite a while, collecting a vast array of items and weapons as you battle horrendous bosses and enemies for glory. When you're all done with one world, you can basically reset the game and create a whole new one–a world that's randomized with new biomes, bosses, enemies, and of course, loot.

With an ever-engaging world that spans across a plethora of planescapes–from jungles and deserts to snow-filled forests–and teeming with life, Terraria inspires the adventurer in all of us, calling to our inner Indiana Jones to explore the vast depths for untold treasures. While the game itself progresses slowly, it's fundamentally enjoyable and gives freedom to players to do as they choose with their own world.

The social aspects of Terraria make it even more engaging, adding a new sense of co-operative teamwork that can be enjoyed by gamers around the world via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. The game's huge arsenal of weaponry, spells, pets, armors and vanity items keeps gamers always wanting more and adds a thousand different ways to make your very own hero.

Terraria is the kind of indie game that comes around once in a while, and if you're a huge fan of Minecraft, it's definitely worth a try. Essentially Terraria is a 2-D Minecraft that employs the former's flair for customization and creative freedom with platformer sensibilities that herald to the golden age of NES gaming, and is well worth your time.

+ Classic 8-bit style
+ Huge array of randomized loot
+ Ability to craft hundreds of items
+ Wide variety of enemies and bosses
+ Biomes
+ The freedom to create your own world
+ Co-Op play
Slow progression
Can be challenging

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