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Terraria Console’s Adaptation Review

Terraria possesses a few unique features that add to the game's overall mystique and enjoyability, and many of these elements are the reason many gamers feel drawn to the game. Terraria speaks to the old-school gamer; the gamer who grew up with an NES and glorified Super Mario Bros. 3 and The Legend of Zelda. Re-Logic's block-builder is more about creating what you want, when you want–it brings out the young gamer in all of us and allows us to relive those classic, golden days of nostalgic gaming in a new and creative way.

Nostalgia in itself is a remarkable thing, and Terraria is full of nostalgia that charms most gamers and heralds back to the 8-bit days of gaming where pixellated graphics were the best you could hope for. It transports players back in time to those days, inspiring joy within gamers with old-school platforming sensibilities and other traditional mechanics and blending in new elements–such as Minecraft's block-world freedom–to bring something entirely unique and magical. 

Create, dig, explore: in Terraria, the choice is yours.

Terraria's 2-D bit-style graphics and classic run-and-jump platforming controls add to the mystique of nostalgic gaming, but the game also has a variety of other unique features such as the overwhelming sense of freedom and emphasis on exploration or the game's massive array of craftable items and collectible weapons.

Freedom is a key element in games of this nature, and indie games as a whole celebrate freedom to break the bounds of traditional AAA console games to bring something that's wholly unique and special. Terraria fits the bill pretty well in this regard, as it allows gamers not only to create their own world with their own customizable houses, buildings, etc. but also allows them to explore a world that's living and thriving before their eyes.

Terraria has a quirky 8-bit style that will charm anyone who grew up with an NES.

In a way Terraria makes you feel like an 8-bit Indiana Jones as you're always exploring and digging to see what's below the earth–to find what's hidden in the deep, dark depths of the Dungeons or even the fiery pit of the Underworld. Like Indiana Jones, players face untold dangers in their adventures and journeys, adding excitement to the mix and making those precious treasures all the more rewarding.

Any game that can capture both the nostalgic flair of classic NES-style games and deliver exciting, intuitive gameplay is definitely a unique game. Terraria is a great fit for anyone who loves Minecraft and grew up loving NES platformers–yet its not a game where instant gratification is to be expected. Terraria is a game that's slow, a game where you chip away at the very earth in a journey that culminates weeks worth of gameplay, but its something you can return to time and time again.

Finding the perfect items to craft valuables like suits of armor make all those hard boss fights totally worth it.

The randomization of loot is another unique feature that adds to the fun of Terraria, as any chest could hold bountiful treasures or extremely useful and rare items. The chance and odds of finding goodies keeps players going, and in this respect the game holds a sense of gratification as finding that one perfect item is a reward for all of the hard adventuring and tough boss battles.

With the randomized loot Terraria is a bit like a dungeon-crawler–like Diablo II or Torchlight II–where players have the chance to find unique items wherever they go. Additionally certain items can only be found in certain areas, and valuables also have higher chances to drop in certain places, further adding to the familiar dungeon-crawler elements.

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