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Terraria Console’s Adaptation Review

Re-Logic's side-scrolling indie hit has made its way onto the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE, but do the console versions stand up to their PC counterparts? Find out inside!

Developer: Engine Software BV 
Publisher: 505 Games Srl
Genre: Side-Scroller, Block-Builder
Release Date: 3/27/2013
Platform: Xbox LIVE Arcade (Reviewed), PSN
MSRP: 1200 MSP ($14.99)
Re-Logic's fan-favorite indie classic has recently made its way onto the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as a downloadable release, bringing all of the enjoyable game mechanics and elements conveniently to your living room. In Terraria gamers can build their own worlds and craft thousands of usable items and battle enemies in an engaging experience that's all its own.
Terraria's gameplay blends a variety of genres including old-school 2-D side-scrolling action, Minecraft's distinct mining sensibilities, and classic bit-style graphics to offer an original title that incorporates all of the hallmarks of an enjoyable indie.
The console version is a great fit for players who want to bring the traditional block-building survival RPG experience to their living room, affording online interactivity with friends via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network.
In Terraria, you can build your own home and fill it with a variety of treasures and collect a huge array of resources to make use of throughout the game.
The game itself opens up a world of possibilities and affords for an uncanny sense of freedom that's a signature element of block-building indies, allowing gamers to choose what they want to do at any time. Whether you'd like to dig a thousand feet below the earth and mine for precious ores, or build a giant skyscraper that's all your own out of a variety of different resources, the choice is yours.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of Terraria is its feel of openness and customizability. Gamers are introduced to a dynamic world they can change and fashion as they see fit: gamers can mold the world–chop down the trees for wood, mine rocks for stone, fashion crafting tables and a thousand other in-game items to help you on your journey–in any way they choose.
Terraria also features an impressively expansive world that not only has an array of different biomes such as deserts and jungles, it also has a massive variety of in-game unlockables and features, ranging from an arsenal of weapons, armors, and even NPC's. The sheer volume of items within the game is impressive enough, yet this indie keeps on giving with additional features such as huge in-game bosses as well as the secrets and hidden items scattered throughout the worlds.
Delve the shadowy innards of the earth for precious ores while battling creatures skittering around in the depths.
Terraria also encapsulates the joys of exploration, as every created world is randomly unique in its own way, holding a plethora of secrets and hidden items waiting to be discovered. The essence of the game is captured within these signature elements, and are complimented by the other mechanics–such as RPG elements (real-time combat, equipping and collecting armor/weapons) and 2-D platforming sensibilities–to bring an immensely enjoyable experience to the world of console gaming.
The sprawling 2-D world is also replete with life, from growing vines and towering trees to enemies like Slimes and other animals foraging through the wilderness. NPC's can also be seen throughout the world, offering helpful hints and tips regarding crafting and combat.
With an impressively original blend of many genres associated with the golden age of gaming–2-D platformer/side-scroller, RPG mechanics, old-school bit-style graphics–and an intuitive gameplay mechanics, Terraria is packed with hours upon hours of good-natured fun that is a great fit for any fan of indie games.

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