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Telltale Games delivers new Walking Dead Season 2 teaser


Telltale Games has recently released a second teaser for the upcoming sequel to their award-winning The Walking Dead game adaptation.

The footage itself is brief and clocks at seven seconds, and like the first teaser, this new snippet was shared by Telltale via Vine.

The new teaser introduces Bonnie, who is posing in front of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. when the world wasn’t turned upside down by the zombie outbreak. We can’t make out very much about Bonnie as she’s somewhat far away, so it’s hard to put a finger on who she is and how she may handle herself in the ruined world.

The two teasers released by Telltale introduce viewers to Vince and Bonnie--characters that will most likely be featured in the upcoming The Walking Dead sequel.
The two teaser images released by Telltale for The Walking Dead Season 2. The older image (Left) shows Vince, and the newly revealed image (right) introduces Bonnie.

Bonnie’s snapshot may indicate that Season 2 may take place in Washington D.C., or it may just be a photograph take during a vacation outing. It will certainly be interesting to see what Telltale reveals next, and if they show off any more environments that hint at possible indicators as to where the game will take place.

The teasers are quite cryptic and mysterious, and apparently Bonnie’s picture is used to block a pane with “Savannah, Georgia” superimposed upon its surface. Additionally the teaser makes mention of “Day 220”.

In any case, we can expect Telltale to release more teasers like this in the next coming weeks or so–or maybe days–as the trend is catching on, and gamers around the world are looking on with anticipation at jumping back into the expertly crafted dramatic horror that is Telltale’s episodic series.

Also be sure to check out Telltale’s first teaser if you haven’t already–it’s just as mysterious.


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