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Teenager tweets “YOLO” during a test and gets suspended from school

A Texas student was suspended recently for tweeting “YOLO” (you only live once) during a test.

Texas recently implemented some different testing standards using the new STAAR (State of Texas Assessment of Academic of Knowledge and Skills) test, but students like Kyron Birdine (the boy who was punished) won’t be graduating from his junior high school under the updated standards.  Rather, he and his fellow classmates are still bind to the old standards which is found in the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test. 

Essentially, the teenager felt that he shouldn’t have to sit through a test that won’t have any impact on his graduation or college acceptance later on.  So instead of bubbling in the correct answers and write meaningful essays on the STAAR test, he simply wrote the following message and then uploaded an image of his work onto Twitter:

“I have the TAKS test to study for, this is unneeded craziness… YOLO (:”

School official says the teen’s tweet is a breach of security, and has suspended him for four days.

A Texas school official has also released the following statement:

“Today there was an incident with a student tweeting a picture of an answer booklet for a STAAR field test. We have made an initial report of the incident to TEA and will continue to investigate further. The student has been punished in accordance with district disciplinary procedures.”

However ridiculous the whole situation may sound—for both the student and the school, a #FreeKyron hashtag has come about on Twitter in support of teen.

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