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Teen murders father with weapon inspired by Dead Rising 2

An 18-year-old teen from Spain has allegedly admitted to murdering his father with a weapon inspired by the game Dead Rising 2.


It’s a tug-o-war when it comes to the debate of whether or not video games can increase a person’s tendency to be violent. In the case of Andreu Coll Tur, the teen that murdered this father, the rope has been pulled slightly in the favor of people who oppose violent video games.

Using a bat fashioned with nails (spiked bat), vase and hammer, the teen and his co-conspirator hacked down 57-year-old Bennassar Coll Andreu, and then tried to hide their tracks by disguising the scene to look like a robbery.

Tur stated that he thought he would be able to live a better life after his father was dead, free from the ‘harassment’ that he had to deal with. Ironically, his father, who is estimated to be worth €50 million, recently amended his will to make Tur the sole inheritor of his fortune.

Although various studies have concluded that video game violence cannot be blamed for a person’s violent actions, murder cases like these make it harder for some to believe that video game aren’t somehow linked to real-life violence. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has announced that they will be taking a closer look at how video games and media can bring about violent instinct in people.

Source: El Mundo via kotaku

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