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Techdy Game D gamepad: Boost game playability while shielding your tablet

Gaming on a touch interface can often end up as frustration and eventual waving of the white flag, and so if there were legitimate gamepad add-ons that work then please take my money so I can game in peace.  Techdy is seeking help to develop its Game D, a promising-looking tablet (iPad Mini & Nexus 7) physical gamepad that will do the job just fine so long as enough people notice the project.

Just as the Walkman assisted in the boom of the portable headphones market, so has the tablets helped the accessories sector take flight.  The popularization of the tablets such as the iPad and a bevy of other Android-based tablets have spurred the creation of a special niche that, for the most part, is still up for grab.  To date, playing video games on tablets can be cumbersome due to poor response time from the touchscreen.  That is why many startups (and even established companies) have been trying to design and mass produce game controller accessories for touch screen tablets.

Techdy is one of the latest entities to join the hoard of innovators seeking to profit from tablet game controllers.  Specifically, Techdy is trying to crowdfund the development of a game controller for the iPad Mini.  The gamepad has your typical D-pad, four action buttons, and presumably start/pause and select buttons in the center.  What makes the Techdy Game D gamepad special?  For one, it’ll offer substantial improvements to one’s gameplay, and, additionally, the gamepad has the ability to act as a stand and cover.

The company is seeking $500,000 to further develop its iPad Mini gamepad add-on, and a $39 pledge enables you to reserve your Game D.  Sadly, if Techdy doesn’t reach its $500,000 goal by May 12, 2013, the project may be trashed and iPad Mini users will have to search for another gamepad alternative.

For those on Android tablets such as the Nexus 7, Techdy is also developing a Game D for that as well.  There are also a few variants of the Game D, some of which offer more functionality such as the addition of a dual analog thumbsticks, vibration, and app user interface.  More details can be found here.

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